The Datalogic family suite of products offers a fantastic performance and value aimed at healthcare applications.

The Gryphon product line is an ideal solution  that can be mounted to a cart or a wall or even set into a tabletop arrangement.  In the video above, the scanner is set into a wall-mount arrangement that can lie flat on a table or rest it up against the wall.  Datalogic is one of the rare vendors that has a true wall-mount solution available making it ideal for constraining spaces.  The Gryphon scanner is offered in a corded and wireless version. Bluetooth and STAR radio is also available.  STAR radio is a 910 MHz alternative to Bluetooth.  In instances where you can’t use Bluetooth due to security, the STAR radio is ideal for that scenario.  There’s also no interference with hospital WiFi or with other Bluetooth devices.  The scanner can clip into the base or the clinician can simply pull it out and have total freedom and movement throughout the facility.  One of the key features to Datalogic’s healthcare barcode scanners is the aimer and GreenSpot. When the Datalogic device scans the barcode, a GreenSpot will appear on the code which is a confirmation of a good read.  What this means is you can have silent scanning so you can scan a patient’s wristband early in the morning and not wake them up. Simply disable the beep and the GreenSpot remains to make sure you know you had a good read. Another feature is the paging feature so in the event a clinician enters a room and cannot find the barcode scanner, simply push the button on the base and then you’ll actually have an alert that will allow you to find where the barcode scanner is within that room.

Datalogic offers the new RIDA scanner. It actually offers a 2D barcode scanner in a very small compact form factor. This is a palm solution that offers 2D reading capability of all medical-grade barcodes in a small form factor with a crosshair aimer and the Datalogic proprietary GreenSpot.  This also have the ability to be worn around the clinician’s neck with a lanyard. Clip in and wear the RIDA around the neck or click out when not needed.  The scanner itself can rest in the Bluetooth cradle/charger or bypass the cradle/charger and connect/pair directly to a tablet, a smartphone, or a small PDA.  This allows the clinician to have true wireless enterprise freedom throughout the hospital facility and have a dedicated 2D imager in hand as well to capture data into their EMR that’s being used on that particular tablet.

The Gryphon and the RIDA scanners both offer medical-grade plastics but Datalogic Healthcare takes it one step further to ensure you have true protection.  Datalogic offers the industry’s only infection control solution by having anti-microbial enclosures.  As hospital-acquired infections now become more paramount, this is a greater business priority that all hospitals need to adhere to.  Implementing Datalogic equipment that has anti-microbial properties in your environment simply gives you an extra layer of protection.

For instances where a barcode scanner just won’t do, you now have true wireless freedom with the new Axist mobile PDA.  This is Datalogic’s first foray into an Android operating system offering you now the full capability of wirelessly roaming around the hospital system utilizing access into your EMR offering you the ability to check patient records & information. The Push To Talk feature allows communication with other clinicians throughout the environment.  There’s a dedicated 2D imager and a camera with flash on the back.  There’s scan buttons either at home or on the sides, but also the SoftSpot, a Datalogic proprietary feature that allows you to simply touch the screen for any kind of hot application.  The Axist offers a 5 inch display with a rugged Gorilla Glass screen and also a five foot drop spec for rugged durability.  A true purpose-built device that’s wireless, large screen, in a very durable package at an ideal price.

For more information about Datalogic’s healthcare products, call 1-800-446-1991.

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