The Datalogic Gryphon scanner offers a fantastic solution for any kind of patient bedside care.  This allows the clinician the ability to use a corded scanner or even a wireless scanner connected to a nursing cart or even to a wall cabinet solution and provide medication management and also patient management within their environment.  Datalogic offers medical-grade plastics and also anti-microbial properties to all the Gryphon-line scanners for healthcare applications.  What this means is simply an extra layer of protection within a hospital environment that’s going to reduce the spread of bacteria and also reduce cross-contamination.  So from an infection-control standpoint, it is very ideal to implement Datalogic healthcare scanners within your environment.

The Gryphon scanner pairs very easily without any configuration barcode.  Simply drop the scanner into the base and you’re now paired to that particular base and ready to go out of the box.  There’s two elements of the communications platform, Datalogic offers Bluetooth and also STAR.  What STAR means is an alternative to Bluetooth.  It’s 910 mHz so it doesn’t interfere with existing WiFi.  Nor does it interfere with existing Bluetooth devices. So from a security standpoint or an interference standpoint, implementing this proprietary solution from Datalogic is very ideal within your environment.

This device also offers the ability to have a wall-mount solution or even a tabletop solution depending on the clinician’s needs either in lab, pharmacy, or even bedside care.  In the event that scanner needs to be wall-mounted in a small space, the base can adhere to that small space constraint in a simple, easy configurable format.  When not needed to do that, simply reconfigure the base into another desirable format. It’s very flexible and easy to do.

Datalogic also offers an easy-to-read cross-hair reader and green spot.  The Green Spot is proprietary to Datalogic meaning no other vendor in the industry has this.  What Green Spot means to you is simply confirmation of a good read.  It says “I’ve read the barcode and transmitted the information to the host.”  Where this is especially helpful is in a silent environment like a patient bedroom where, early in the morning, if you don’t want to have a loud beep wake the patient you can still conduct medication administration and wristband reading while still receiving confirmation the code has been read.

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