Tired of losing track of your containers?

Keep track of your containers on an up-to-date platform.

Throw out your spiral notebook, ditch your whiteboards, and leave your Excel sheets in the past.

Turn to Container Management from RACO GPS Solutions.

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Pinpoint your roll-off boxes, vehicles, mobile workers, and other assets to a specific location on a digital map displayed on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.

There’s even an RFID option available so your driver doesn’t even have to leave their truck.

Once the container is dropped off, the driver uses an RFID reader to scan a tag attached to the container. This captures a time-coded, geo-synched signal that tells you exactly when and where that container was dropped off.

Your driver can even enter detailed information like customer name, container type, container content, and even where on the property the container was dropped off.

Container management means you can increase revenue by billing customers more timely and accurately.  Reduce cost by not losing containers.

“Last Known Address” is no longer an acceptable status update for your assets, your drivers or your customers.

See this solution in action for one of our customers.

For more information about container management, go to racoindustries.com/gps or call 1-800-446-1991.