When replacement of any of the ink cartridges is required, you cannot print. Genuine Epson ink cartridges are designed and manufactured to work properly with your Epson printer. They ensure proper operation and long life of the print head and other printer parts. Other products not manufactured by Epson may cause damage to your printer, which is not covered by Epson’s warranties.

Your printer uses the following ink cartridges:
If any of the ink cartridges installed in the printer is broken, incompatible with the printer model, or improperly installed, EPSON Status Monitor 3 will not accurately display the ink cartridge status. Be sure to replace or reinstall any ink cartridge as indicated by EPSON Status Monitor 3.

Precautions on Epson C831 Printer ink cartridge replacement

Read all the instructions in the Epson C831 user guide before replacing the ink cartridges.

  • This product uses ink cartridges equipped with an IC chip that monitors the amount of ink used by each cartridge. Cartridges are usable even if they are removed and reinserted. However, some ink is consumed each time cartridges are inserted, because the product automatically checks their reliability.
  • The valve in the ink supply port is designed to contain any excess ink that may be released. However, careful handling is recommended. Do not touch the supply port of the ink cartridge or its surrounding area.
  • Ink is consumed during the following operations: ink charging when an ink cartridge is installed for the first time, print head cleaning, and automatic cleaning executed periodically.
  • For maximum ink efficiency, only remove an ink cartridge when you are ready to replace it.
  • Do not refill the ink cartridges. Other products not manufactured by Epson may cause damage that is not covered by Epson’s warranties, and under certain circumstances, may cause erratic product behavior.
  • Keep ink cartridges out of the reach of children and do not drink the ink.
  • Be careful when you handle used ink cartridges, as there may be some ink around the ink supply port. If ink gets on your skin, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. If ink gets into your eyes, flush them immediately with water. If discomfort or vision problems continue after a thorough flushing, see a doctor immediately.
  • Epson recommends the use of genuine Epson ink cartridges. The use of non-genuine ink may cause damage that is not covered by Epson’s warranties, and under certain circumstances, may cause erratic product behavior. Epson cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-genuine ink. The ink cartridge status is not displayed when non-genuine ink is used.
  • Do not open the ink cartridge package until you are ready to install it in the product.
  • Use ink cartridges within six months after installing them in the printer.
  • Leave the old cartridge installed in the product until you have obtained a replacement; otherwise, ink remaining in the print head nozzles may dry out.
  • You cannot continue printing if any of the ink cartridges has reached its replacement time, even if the other cartridges still contain ink. Before printing, replace the used cartridge.
  • Do not turn off the product or open the ink cartridge cover while loading ink (On light is flashing). Opening the covers may cause the ink to reload, resulting in more of the ink being consumed. Also, normal printing may be disturbed.
  • If the ink cartridge is not recognized even if it is correctly installed, dirt may be attached to the green IC chip. Remove the cartridge, wipe the IC chip with a soft cloth, and install it again.
  • Color adjustment of the product is based on the use of genuine Epson ink cartridges. Use of non-genuine ink cartridges may result in reduced print quality and the product performance may not be optimum.
  • When an Ink light is flashing or lit, the ink cartridge is not correctly installed. Check that it is installed correctly.
  • If installing an ink cartridge does not provide normal printing, press the Cleaning button for three seconds. If it does not resolve the problem, repeat the process one or two times.
  • When the printer is turned off using the On button, the print head is automatically covered to prevent the ink from drying. If you will not use the printer after installing the ink cartridges, make sure to turn off the printer using the On button. Do not unplug the power cord or turn off the
    circuit breaker while the power is on.
  • When moving or transporting the printer after installing the ink cartridges, leave the ink cartridges installed.
  • During printing, the black ink cartridge with the most ink remaining is used (GP-M830/GP-M831/GP-M832 only).
  • You cannot print when either black ink cartridge has reached its replacement time (GP-M830/GP-M831/GP-M832 only).

For more information on Epson printers, call 1-800-446-1991.