Jul 31, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
Variable Design Labels Add Personal Impact!

Serialized & Bar Coded Labels

We can produce Serialized and Bar Coded Labels in a wide array of formats: Code 128, QR Code, UPC-A, and Code 39 are just a few examples. Labels can be printed on any material—from outdoor durable vinyl to basic paper labels.

Changes in label material can have a drastic impact on price. Our experts recommend the following for basic Serialized and Bar Coded Labels:

  • Material: White Gloss Paper
  • Inks: Black ink only; additional colors available
  • Finished in rolls

Variable Design Labels Add Personal Impact!

Variable Design allows every label on a roll to have a different color, text or image. Here’s a project that shows the incredible versatility of Variable Design Labels: Mommy’s Favorite Bubble Bath.

Husbands and kids from around the globe can visit a soap company’s website and choose a scent of bubbles. They place their order and upload their photo. We receive a spreadsheet with names, bubble scents and photos all linked to an order number. The result: The ultimate personalized label. For this project, our experts recommend the following:

  • Material: White BOPP or Clear BOPP
  • Inks: 4-color process
  • Lamination: Clear Poly
  • Finished in rolls

We strongly recommend you call one of our label experts at 1-800-446-1991 to discuss your project.

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