Oct 14, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers
Using Technology to Offset Rising Employee Costs

The cost of employees is going up.  Minimum wages are rising.   Health insurance costs keep rising.  Hiring and keeping employees is getting more and more expensive.  And customers may leave you if you pass on the growing expense to them.  So how does your company get around this mounting expense?

AML suggests using technology to offset rising employee costs and we agree.  For example, small kiosks deployed at key locations throughout the store can be as helpful as an employee but at a fraction of the cost.

These devices offer larger displays and more powerful platforms and can deliver a more impactful digital experience to the customer. Integrated barcode scanning allows consumers to verify prices and some can be fitted with payment technology facilitating transactions. They can also be used for a variety of tasks not conducive to a mobile device, like way-finding. Kiosks can allow an interactive, engaging experience with controlled content that is not possible on a mobile device, taking some of the burden off of store associates especially during peak times when headcount may be stretched.

It’s not just retail space that can benefit from kiosks.  One of our customers was looking to allow workers to check out parts from their stock room during second and third shift, even though it wasn’t manned at those times.  We provided Motorola MK3000 Micro Kiosks to mount on the wall.  Integrated with a Mobile Data Collection Program, these kiosks keep track of what is taken out of inventory, by whom, and when, even when no one is there.  So the company saves money on lost items without the cost of another employee.

Technology can be used to stand in for an employee, or enhance what they are capable of.  For more information on how technology can help offset rising employee costs, call 1-800-446-1991.