Mar 18, 2014 / Written by Woody Myers

With RACO GPS Tracking, you can know where your stuff is at all times, even if your employees are not the ones transporting it.

We have a client who transports perishable food from Pennsylvania to California using independent third party drivers.  Once the client’s freight leaves their yard, they had no control over when it got to the customer and what condition it was in.  Often the entire shipment would go bad because the driver did not take the most direct route and failed to deliver within an acceptable window of time for product freshness.

To fix this issue, our client now requires their independent contractors to take a GPS tracking device provided by RACO Interactive. The Cal-Amp TTU-700 tracking unit is placed on the vehicle by the dock manager before leaving.  This allows our client to track the location of their freight at all times. (Other devices allow monitoring of other conditions such as temperature.)  Both passive & active notices can be set up and alerts can be sent to their email if the driver strays too far from the agreed-upon route.  Once the drivers get to where they are going, the trackers are removed and shipped back to the our client to be used again.

Another benefit of the GPS Tracking is the ability to salvage freight that is taking too long to get its destination. Now that our client knows where their produce is, they will know ahead of time if it will not reach their intended destination on time and be able to make alternative plans.  So if the freight will go bad before it makes it to California, our client finds an alternative customer closer to home so they can make sure they get some return on their product.

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