Oct 23, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

“Employers suspect that some of their field service workers are goofing off and they want to catch them.”

“It’s not a question of whether companies should monitor, it’s a question of how.”

“You want to find out who the troublemakers are.”

“It is changing their behavior in a positive way.”

These are some reasons to acquire a GPS tracking solution according to those quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article.  The story examines the changing landscape of monitoring employees, especially those outside of the four walls.  According to the article, a study by the Aberdeen Group found that 37% of companies that send employees out on service calls track the real-time location of workers via their hand-held devices or vehicles.

Dennis Gray suspected that workers in his pest-control company were spending too much time on personal issues during the workday. So the general manager of Accurid Pest Solutions in southern Virginia quietly installed a piece of GPS tracking software on the company-issued smartphones of five of its 18 drivers.

Since rolling it out, he has cut back the monitoring to a monthly review of a handful of employees. While he terminated two additional workers this summer, he said overall the technology has made drivers more productive and prompted more honesty.

It’s not just to “catch” employees.  Some use of the technology can also validate they did their job.

Last year, Jane Rodgers, finance manager of Plants Inc., a Chicago business that provides interior landscaping services to homes and workplaces, bought a mobile monitoring program to keep watch over employees who work mostly outside the office.

She said she uses only the geolocation tracking feature and turns to it only when customers raise questions. One Plants customer recently called to ask if a technician had visited the client. Ms. Rodgers pulled up the program and saw that the employee was at the site between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Even though the article is called “The Boss Is Watching” the boss doesn’t have to have to actively monitor the system all day to get results.  If you’d like to know more about GPS Tracking solutions, call 1-800-446-1991 to learn more.