Nov 13, 2008 / Written by Woody Myers

Our Client
A small Midwest container company has 100 roll-off box containers that are leased/rented and delivered to construction sites throughout their region.

The Pain

  • Where are my containers?
  • When are they coming back? Each container cost roughly 5K and I am not sure where ½ are at any one time. The Secondary Pain and addition desired ROI
  • Can you help with Increasing asset utilization
  • Can you help with Real Time Visibility
  • Can you help me Lower Diesel / Fuel Cost by reducing deadheading
    Deadheading=Traveling without a load back to home terminal

Whether due to personnel or lack of established business processes, delivered equipment often get missed at check-out. Manual equipment check-in/check-out procedures are prone to errors and delays. Equipment, like roll-off box containers, is sometimes lost in the field due to not knowing where or who it was delivered to. An automated check-in/check-out procedure can significantly increase accuracy and prevent loss of equipment. Yet, not knowing where the items were sent to makes it difficult to hold customers accountable. Tracking of returnables starts not only with knowing how much inventory is in-house, but where it went, how long it’s been out, and when it returned.

The Cure
Roll-Off Container Tracking

RACO now offers RFID tracking solutions for your roll-off containers.

The new established business process uses an Intermec CN3 the smallest, most advanced, rugged mobile computer in the world, the CN3 with integrated GPS and Bluetooth increases efficiency and safety by enabling turn-by-turn navigation. With 3G WAN users are connected with high-speed data (GSM/EDGE or CDMA/EV-DO) anywhere they go.

Now the driver rolls off the container, scans the container number and we automatically capture the GPS coordinates and display them on a user console back in the home office.
Now we are providing real time visibility to their assets, time and date stamping each transaction with the user’s ID. We now automatically start the lease/rental timer, when the timer goes off we change the status on the screen from green to red. This will notifying the console operator of the need to schedule a return container job ticket. Now the console operator can coordinate the pickup with a container being dropped drop off, eliminating deadheading.


Bottom line, the solution contained:

  • Check in/Check out Multi-User Solution
  • Alien Hardware
  • Barcode/RFID Scanning
  • Installation and Training

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