We had used RACO for several years to service our Fargo printers and to purchase supplies.  In 2014, I reached out to the RACO Team for a large format credential printing solution.  They brought us a solution, but later recommended we not go with the solution because they were not happy with the quality.  That meant walking away from a very large sale, but they put the customer first.

A few months later they presented another potential solution, and as we were the first customer in the US to try these printers, they were with us every step of the way.  Operating one of the largest professional tennis tournaments in the world meant we had to get this right, and had just 10 days to get it right.  The entire RACO Team was there to support us, from the sales team to the service technicians.

It is so refreshing to experience such terrific customer service.  After our event, I had other professional tennis tournaments ask what printers we use, as they were so impressed with our product.

You can have a great product, but if you don’t have the support to back up the product it means nothing. RACO’s support is like none other.

When we ran out of ribbons, they hand delivered replacement product.  When we had a few glitches, as would be expected from a brand new product offering, their service technician was there on the weekend.  Truly exceptional!

Kathy E. Strahle

Western & Southern Open