Sep 19, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

star-asuracprnt-MSR-rewardsThe Star AsuraCPRNT has its own screen for external signage, managing queues, tracking inventory, loyalty programs and as a self-service kiosk and more. AsuraCPRNT can drive content to other devices such as smart phones, merchant tablets and digital signage which gives you a perfect platform to engage your customers and provide an interactive in-store experience.

Standing only 15 inches tall, the Star AsuraCPRNT has a seven inch touch-screen display, an integrated high-speed three-inch printer plus a reliable ARM processor which manages it all. Available with an optional integrated magnetic stripe reader and 2D imager module and is optimized to support external USB peripherals such as a biometric scanner, WiFi/3G/4G dongle, camera and more.

Contact a RACO product specialist today at 1-800-446-1991 to find out how the Star AsuraCPRNT self-service kiosk can engage your customers.