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RACO’s Warehouse Management solutions combine barcode readers, mobile computers, and TW Warehouse software, a management system designed to help companies track the movements of their inventory and increase efficiencies in a distribution operation. By connecting the software to your company database, the system is capable of automatically collecting data from both bar codes and RFID tags to track picking and receiving, returns and moves, inventory count, packing, and more. It can also be used to print shipping and master labels and verify shipments. Best of all, TW Warehouse can be adjusted to suit your ever-changing business needs without changing the underlying functions of the software. The result is a flexible system that grows along with you and your business.

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With the ability to link to any commercial or custom ERP/DRP system on nearly any hardware platform, the TW Warehouse software connects everyone in your warehouse through mobile computers, scanners, vehicle mounted terminals, and wireless infrastructure. The system collects data automatically from both standard barcode readers and RFID scanners, automated carousels, and conveyors. This effectively automates and streamlines the management of nearly all items in your warehouse, so that you and your team can effortlessly track inventory and shipments.

TW Warehouse Reports

  • Inventory by Zone
  • Location/Quantity by Part
  • Locations for Cycle Counting
  • Orders Received by Vendor
  • Orders Received by Purchase Order
  • Orders Received by Day

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