Young students at school wearing student ID badges and socializing

An essential first step in creating a safe, secure environment on campus is to issue faculty and student ID cards. While their primary purpose is to provide photo identification for right of entry to restricted areas, the cards can also provide access to other privileges and services provided by libraries, cafeterias and dining halls, student activity centers, and computer labs. RACO Card has assisted hundreds of academic institutions with student and faculty ID card projects, offering a complete line of enterprise-ready ID card printers that can be used to produce professional student ID cards onsite and on-demand.


RACO Card uses only professional-grade, durable plastic — the ideal media type for student IDs. Cards can be printed in vivid full color, and can include school logos and other unique details in the background while featuring crisp, high-quality photos of students and staff in the foreground. Magnetic stripes, bar codes, and smart chips can be included on the card to provide a higher level of security and to allow the card to be integrated into any electronic access or payment system.


Our team of product specialists will provide the right turnkey ID card printing solution for your school, while our team of network technicians can assist you with the process of connecting card design software to your existing student and faculty databases, allowing you to easily import names, addresses, ID numbers, and access information directly into the system.

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