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Combining smart printing technology with the TWPLC Printer or PTServer software, RACO’s Smart Printing Solution is a sophisticated, easy-to-use product labeling system that is designed to streamline your product labeling process and eliminate mislabeling of parts and containers.

Rather than relying on a connection to a PC or host computer, smart printers contain all of the computing and processing power needed to execute print jobs independently. This allows you to use the onboard Smart Printer software — in conjunction with a barcode scanner, electronic scale, verifier, fixed scanner, RFID reader, label applicator, external database, or light tree — to automatically produce the exact labels that you need for parts and containers, on-demand. Through this method, you can effectively automate and error proof label printing in manufacturing, food processing, and distribution applications without the need to manually enter variable label data or maintain a PC in the middle of the chain.

Error-proofing your labeling process is easy with a Smart Printer equipped with the TWPLC Printer software. Instead of relying on the error-prone pre-printing of labels for parts or shipping containers, the PLC uses a discrete I/O cable connection to direct your Smart Printer to automatically produce one of up to 255 different predetermined labels for parts or containers. In short, the PLC software always knows which part is being made and sends the corresponding signals to your printer for each and every individual label, with no manual entry or human intervention required.

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A Smart Printing solution from RACO improves accuracy by eliminating mislabeling caused by human error on even the most commonly mislabeled parts; including left-hand/right-hand, multi-colored, and sequenced parts. Additionally, serialized label data can be stored in a database, which provides an audit trail and streamlines recalls and warranty claims. Because the printer receives a discrete signal from the PLC, no programming is required. The printers are thus effectively interchangeable, allowing you to avoid excessive downtime or reprogramming if a printer requires maintenance.


Because of their flexibility, size, and modest support requirements, smart printing processes are easier to set up, can be placed in areas where PCs cannot, and require fewer IT resources to maintain. Using our PTServer software, RACO’s Smart Printing solution allows you to exchange data between PC databases and the printer through either wired Ethernet or wireless connectivity. Variable data such as shift codes and employee IDs can be managed through a portable terminal, which can be supplemented with optional real-time date and time stamping for enhanced traceability. The system can also be combined with a label applicator accessory for automated part and container labeling.

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