Close up of RFID tag labels

Unlike your standard static, printed barcode that requires a clear line of sight to be read by a scanner, RFID labels feature embedded circuit inlays that constantly emit a specific radio frequency, which can then be picked up by special scanners within the vicinity of the label or tag. This technology gives you the ability to quickly scan and capture the data of tagged items in groups rather than individually, and can even be attached to delivery vehicles, inventory crates, and shipping palettes to be passively scanned as they pass through your shipping and receiving areas. RFID labeling improves the accuracy and visibility of your entire inventory management process, allowing for heightened efficiency, streamlined item scanning, and improved cost control.

RACO now offers RFID software, TW RFID Server, to enhance communication with RFID tags, readers, and printers. Your RFID technology can also be integrated with other software applications such as TWLot and the TW PLC Printer to provide complete error proofing and traceability systems.

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For inventory tracking and management in the retail space, RFID is the perfect alternative to standard 2D barcodes when it comes to quickly and effortlessly scanning bulk items and receiving new inventory shipments. The proximity scanning method allows you to scan groups of items on the retail floor without the need to make contact with the label or tag, while scanners installed at the entrances and exits of your store can alert you of possible item theft. The result is a flexible inventory labeling solution that results in higher accuracy, saved time, and improved loss prevention.


From conception through integration and beyond, our team of certified experts are here to guide you through every step toward attaining the ideal RFID labeling solution for the specific needs of your business. We also offer equipment and label printer maintenance and repair services over the entire lifecycle of your labeling solution.

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