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With RACO Response Restaurant Monitoring Solutions, restaurateurs can utilize specialized data sensors to automate the monitoring of their business around the clock — without the need for constant human intervention. With Real-Time Restaurant Monitoring, operators can streamline their day-to-day business processes, while Real-Time Cooler and Freezer Monitoring allows for greater visibility into temperature regulation for cold storage, ensuring optimal freshness and quality of your ingredients.

The RACO Response platform is a web-based solution that is easy to setup, quick to install, and available in both public and private dashboard formats.

Real-Time Restaurant Monitoring

Real-Time Cooler & Freezer Monitoring

Our trained professionals will work with you to define your custom sensor bundle that will meet your everyday needs and help you stay connected. Use the link below to schedule a demo of RACO Response today. You can also browse the full list of RACO Response solution offerings here.

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