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RACO Barcode’s Protective Services Solution is an ideal mobile application for businesses to optimize their existing security inspection process. Specifically designed to provide visibility to route and safety equipment inspections, the solution is a cost effective means to ensure that your facility and equipment are within the specifications of your safety protocols and procedures. Regardless of your organization’s size, the RACO Barcode Protective Services provides accountability for all of your safety inspection processes including security checks and asset tracking. The solution can also be configured for your unique needs or tailored to provide additional service offerings.

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The quality and accuracy of information exchanged between your security personnel and facilities management determines the efficiency of your safety process. By utilizing the latest in mobile technologies, RACO Barcode’s Protective Services Solution allows your inspection process to be performed more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy while eliminating the time-consuming paperwork and data entry of the back-end process. By combining real-time inspection route and asset management, your security personnel will be able to provide accurate information about the current state of your facility, increasing their productivity and efficiency.


By having quick and reliable information regarding the status of your facility’s safety process and equipment, your ability to ensure the safety of your employees and patients will be improved. Barcodes can be scanned to track assets and make certain they are in the correct location and in proper working order. Inspection routes can be optimized for speed and urgency to improve the effectiveness of the process. Analysis of the data can be utilized to determine equipment replacement and ideal locations to better develop the entire operation of your healthcare facility.

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