field workers using portable mobile printer for produce traceability applications

RACO’s Produce Traceability Labeling solutions combine smart printing technology with the TW SmartPTI software suite, enhancing mobile labeling in a variety of agricultural and harvesting processes while keeping you in compliance with Produce Traceability Initiative guidelines. With the TW SmartPTI software suite used in combination with your favorite smart printer, you will be able to efficiently produce individual or batched labels in the field, even when not connected to a source of electricity or the Internet. Produce traceability from farm to fork has never been easier.

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SmartVision – Fully automated labeling system for harvesters

  • Combines vision and scanning technology to provide a fully automated hands-off labeling system that can stand the rigors of harvester life in the field
  • Determines which products are in the carton and prints the appropriate GTIN every time


SmartButton – Semi-automated push button labeling system for harvesters

  • Uses a programmable push-button box to allow operators to get a label with the press of a button
  • All label info (GTINs, lot number, descriptions, etc.) is stored inside the Smart Printer


SmartTrailer – Mobile field labeling system for batch printing

  • Just scan the product ID and the number of labels needed into the printer and get PTI labels automatically
  • Runs off a battery-powered Power Box so you can operate without electrical connection in a trailer or truck in the field


SmartRepack – Batch/individual labeling system for repacking in shed

  • Similar to SmartTrailer™, but used when you need to repack and relabel product
  • Can run off a battery-powered Power Box or Power Cart so you can operate without electrical connection and/or need mobility within the shed


SmartPallet – Hybrid pallet labeling system

  • Build a hybrid pallet label by simple scanning of case labels and templates with minimal operator intervention
  • Optionally send that data directly to your business system via LAN, WAN, WiFi, Cellular, or Satellite whether you are inside a facility or in the middle of a field

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