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RACO’s Mobile Inspection solutions combine mobility technology with TWMobile software to provide a complete data collection system that is designed to assist mobile inspectors, repair/cleaning personnel, engineers, and other mobile workers to eliminate hand-written paperwork and perform their duties on the go. With TWMobile, your mobile inspection workforce can scan and record services performed at the job site, print on-demand professional reports, and automatically upload service data to a home office system for billing and customer access.

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Fast and Efficient Mobile Inspection, Built for Your Needs

The TWMobile Mobile Inspection System is designed by and for the service industry. Not simply a route accounting system for delivery drivers, it is an industry-specific system that has the following quality features:

  • Create a set of questions, possible responses, and possible corrective actions from your PC and easily upload to the handheld terminal
  • Transfer customer data between the PC and handheld computers via docking stations or real-time Wide Area Network connectivity
  • Print customer reports using a portable printer before the service staff leaves the premises
  • No computer programming skills required. Service personnel will utilize menus and drop-down screens that are visually intuitive and easy to use
  • Uses bar code scanning to easily and accurately identify items to be serviced and/or inspected


TWMobile Highlights and Benefits

  • On-site scanning and reporting that eliminates the manual process of keying handwritten inspection and service reporting forms into your customer service system
  • Printing of legible and professional-looking customer reports right at the customer’s location
  • Transferring of customer service data immediately from the work site to immediately produce invoices
  • Use of state-of-the-art mobile inspection technology to gain more sales and give your business a competitive advantage

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