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In the realm of food production and manufacturing, encountering contamination and defects that result in a product recall is a very real possibility. What’s more, The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 mandates that food processing companies must be able to produce traceability data for their products upon FDA request — including the sources and recipients of ingredients and finished product — or be subject to civil or criminal penalties. Without an automated Lot Traceability (aka Lot Tracking) system in place, it would be very difficult to comply in the event of an FDA request for this information.

If the situation is mismanaged, the damage to your business can be catastrophic, costing you thousands or even millions. How long would it take you to inform your customers of exactly which shipments contained potentially bad products? What will it cost your business if one of your products is recalled? RACO Barcode’s Lot Traceability & Recall Containment Solutions are designed to help you keep track of your products, reduce the number of recalled products, and speed up customer notification should the need arise.

Learn more about RACO’s TWLot Traceability Software for both Manufacturing and Food Production:

TWLot for Manufacturing

TWLot for Food Production


Spend minutes, not weeks, researching your ingredients and production genealogy using our simple “drill down” and “where used” interactive screens and reports. The intuitive TWLot software tracks all your production component assemblies through shipping to give you instant real-time access to your traceability data. Products can be tracked by location, lot number, ingredients, machine, or operator.

TWLot uses both standard barcode and RFID technology to automatically track manufactured items so your operators can maintain their concentration on their jobs, not on technology. In short, TWLot is fully tested, fully compliant, and economically priced — paying for itself with only one recall or FDA investigation.


A product recall can be devastating to your sales, brand image, and bottom line. By implementing the TWLot software, the negative effects of a product recall can be contained by empowering you to react quickly to the issue and proactively supply critical component information to your customer. In addition, the solution allows you to track which finished items you’ve already shipped and which items are still in your facility, so you can quarantine any potentially contaminated containers before they ship. This will ultimately shorten customer notification lead-time, reduce the number of recalled products, and provide an audit trail for quality assurance.

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