In the world of HVAC, knowing where your fleet of vehicles is positioned at any given time gives you the power to bring out their full potential. With RACO’s GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions, not only are you able to monitor your drivers and quickly reroute them when maintenance or traffic problems arise, you can also set an optimized, economical route that maximizes the efficiency of both your fleet and your day-to-day operations. RACO GPS Fleet Tracking gives you the valuable insight you need optimize your transportation assets, boosting productivity and service levels to new heights.

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  • TRACK YOUR VEHICLES ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Gain peace of mind by knowing exactly where your vehicles are located, when they are moving, and if they are being used during approved business hours.
  • VERIFICATION OF SERVICE – Our system easily tracks your entire fleet’s transit data to provide you and your customer with the exact time and location of services rendered.
  • AUDIT MILEAGE AND OTHER EXPENSES – Mileage driven and other vehicle expenses can be accurately captured and reported in real-time, eliminating reporting inaccuracies and helping you to control your costs.
  • OPTIMIZE DRIVERS’ ROUTES – By taking advantage of our system’s robust set of features — including landmarks, find closest vehicle, and reporting — you can optimize routes to raise efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.
  • REPORT UNAUTHORIZED USAGE – Our system can be configured to notify you when one of your vehicles is moving during non-scheduled hours or if it is located in an area where it is not scheduled to be. If a vehicle is stolen, our real-time mapping allows you to inform your local authorities of the whereabouts of your vehicle and recover it as quickly as possible.
  • REDUCE AGGRESSIVE DRIVING AND MANAGE FUEL COSTS – Our system helps identify aggressive driving habits that can take an excessive toll on company vehicles and reflect poorly on your brand, such as speeding, hard turns, and fast acceleration.

Interested? Try it FREE for 60 Days!*

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