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Error proofing your manufacturing and processing lines can come in two forms: to prevent an error from occurring, but also to detect an error that has already occurred. RACO’s Error Proofing solutions address both concepts, bringing enhanced accuracy and efficiency to your business with years of industry expertise and a suite of impressive software options.

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An example of a preventative error proofing system is the TW PLC Printer software. Using this system, your label printer hooks directly up to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which sends a signal to the printer that corresponds to the specific part being produced. The printer then prints one label with the correct part number. The system effectively automates the process, eliminating human error entirely.

Your preventative error proofing system can also be supplemented with the TW SmartPack Error Proofing software. This system eliminates the potential for mislabeling errors at the end of In-Line Vehicle Sequencing manufacturing lines before production is packed or sequenced. To accomplish this, the TW SmartPack error-proofing system utilizes smart printing technology to label parts and containers as they are manufactured, using signals directly from your programmable logic controller (PLC.) Additionally, the system allows for the extraction of shipping label data from a customer’s ERP, EDI, or labeling system for variable customer-specific label fields, or to run standalone.


The TWLot Lot Tracking system includes several logical routines that detect errors before they get any further in the production line. For example, in the Component Link routines, the system validates the component material brought to the line against the Bill of Material to ensure that it is the correct component, as well as the correct engineering level. If an error is detected, the operator is notified by a display, an alarm, or by stopping the line – depending on how your production line is set up. Even if an operator brings the wrong parts to the line, it is always detected by the system before the wrong parts are used, effectively eliminating errors before they become costly.

If you are often faced with the question of whether or not a component in the assembly line has been scanned, then the TWLot software is perfect for your needs. This Lot Tracing system tracks when a component container is brought to the line. Then, a daily Component Aging Report is generated that lists all components that have been brought to a line but have not been scanned to a Finished Goods or Work-In-Process container. This way, a supervisor can track down the status of “old” components to ensure that they are still waiting for use. The aging report will help the supervisor narrow down which operators/lines are missing their scans.

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