Credit cards with EMV smart chip

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” and refers to the new global standard for secure electronic transactions. Due to increasing rates of identity theft, credit card fraud, and large-scale data breaches in large companies, many credit card issuers in the U.S. are moving from the traditional magstripe-equipped credit card to the EMV card (otherwise known as a “smart card” or a “chip card.”) These cards are instead equipped with special computer chips that render the information contained within them much more difficult to replicate or steal, making them a more secure option compared to current, outdated credit cards. Retailers will soon be required to abide by this mandate in their electronic payment systems, which is why RACO is here to provide the equipment, software, and expertise needed to craft an EMV Compliance solution tailored to suit the infrastructure of your business while protecting the security of your customers.


RACO Barcode’s EMV Compliance solutions combine mobile computing and electronic payment equipment with the software and infrastructure required to keep your business within the bounds of EMV compliance standards. The solution equips its users with the ability to scan and read new EMV credit cards during all electronic transactions, ensuring that all new security requirements are safely met.


From the planning stages all the way through integration into your workflow, our team of certified experts are here to guide you through every step toward attaining the ideal EMV Compliance configuration for your specific needs. We also offer equipment maintenance and repair services over the entire lifecycle of your electronic payment infrastructure.

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