Woman working at produce stand for country of origin labeling solution page

Current U.S. law requires that many food products, chemicals, and consumables be labeled to identify their country of origin in the event of an outbreak of food-borne illness. RACO Barcode’s Country of Origin labeling solutions make these compliance labeling tasks more efficient than ever by empowering both companies and consumers to easily identify the origin of their food and chemical products. The labeling solution allows for the identification of more detailed information as well — including a date and time stamp or employee identification numbers — making it configurable to fit your company’s specific needs.


Country of Origin labelers are remarkably intuitive devices that produce labels for food products as quickly as you are able to click the trigger — all without the use of complicated computers, printers, or software. The labels are produced instantly, are perfectly legible, and contain all of the information needed to comply with legal requirements.


Here at RACO, we want your Country of Origin labeling solution to be as clean and convenient as possible, which is why we offer labels that are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Featuring removable adhesive and made from dissolvable material, the labels used in our Country of Origin labeling solutions leave no sticky residue behind when removed and have no harmful environmental impact.

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