When working to their maximum potential, your assets are valuable tools that raise your productivity and help you to overcome day-to-day challenges. Too often, dormant or under-utilized assets can become liabilities that drag your productivity down, along with your reputation. RACO GPS Asset Tracking helps you to not only quickly identify which assets are critical for any given job, but also to give you the data needed to ensure they are secured on-site exactly when they are needed.

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  • TRACK YOUR ASSETS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Know where your equipment is located, when it is moving, and whether or not it is being used during approved business hours. Our GPS Tracking System will provide peace of mind by letting you determine the location of your assets quickly and accurately.
  • ENSURE ON-TIME STARTS – Having the capacity to monitor, manage, and audit the amount of time it takes to transport a piece of equipment to a job site ensures that important work begins right at the expected time and place. You also gain the ability to confirm work records for your customers, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business.
  • REPORT UNAUTHORIZED USAGE OR MOVEMENT – Our system can be configured to notify you when one of your assets is moving during non-scheduled hours or if it is located in an area where it is not scheduled to be. In the event that you determine an asset to be stolen, our real-time mapping allows you to inform your local authorities of its whereabouts and recover it as quickly as possible.
  • AUDIT USAGE AND CUSTOMER INVOICING – Matching actual usage of an asset with your customer invoicing presents difficulty if you don’t know where it is or if it is being used. By combining device configuration, alerts, and reporting, you will be able to create a clear picture of your equipment utilization and accurately invoice your customers to maximize your profit potential.

Interested? Try it FREE for 60 Days!*

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