Using a handheld barcode scanner for data collection solution

When your success depends on how quickly and securely you can process the information that passes through your business, it makes sense to invest in solutions that make data collection as seamless and efficient as possible. That is why RACO is here to help, offering solutions designed to improve your wireless infrastructure, point-of-sale systems, transaction security, data verification, and more.

technology card solutions header image

Technology Cards

A technology card provides not only employee identification, but also ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed access into secure areas and computer systems, protecting the vital personal information contained within. With today’s security concerns heightening the already vital importance of … Continued

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Industrial workers using wireless infrastructure with wireless mobile device

Wireless Infrastructure

The rapid evolution of wireless technology in recent years has provided users with faster and better access to information than ever before, and RACO has made considerable investments in resources to stay up-to-date at every step. The right wireless infrastructure … Continued

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Close up of RFID tag labels


Unlike your standard static, printed barcode that requires a clear line of sight to be read by a scanner, RFID labels feature embedded circuit inlays that constantly emit a specific radio frequency, which can then be picked up by special … Continued

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Cashier scanning a retail barcode displayed on a phone screen at the point of sale POS

Point of Sale (POS)

In the realm of retail, having an efficient and intuitive Point of Sale (POS) system is key to taking your productivity and customer service to the next level. At RACO Barcode, we provide everything needed to improve your current point-of-sale … Continued

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Credit cards with EMV smart chip

EMV Payment Security

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” and refers to the new global standard for secure electronic transactions. Due to increasing rates of identity theft, credit card fraud, and large-scale data breaches in large companies, many credit card issuers in … Continued

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Woman choosing groceries with shelf merchandising labels visible


RACO’s Merchandising solutions help you to save time by using mobile printers to quickly and easily print shelf-edge labels, mark-down stickers, or merchandise tags while working the sales floor. Wireless LAN connectivity can also be integrated into the solution, connecting … Continued

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Barcode scanner reading 1D barcode for barcode verification solutions page

Barcode Verification

In the manufacturing industry, barcodes are often used to track your inventory, along with the products you may be shipping or supplying to your valuable clients. If your barcodes are not accurate or legible, it can be extremely costly to … Continued

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