Oct 07, 2016 / Written by Woody Myers
Rugged Barcode and RFID Scanners

Consumer-grade devices in the warehouse are risky.  While they may cost less, the initial price tag is only a small part of Total Cost of Ownership.  Consumer-grade smartphones and tablets pose a significant long-term maintenance and support challenge. Rugged devices, which have a proven track record in warehouse applications, are the safer bet.  Just imagine your iPad or regular smartphone trying to handle the extreme temperatures of a warehouse or being exposed to the dirt, dust, and liquids that are a constant part of stockroom life.

And it’s not just mobile computers and tablets that need to be ruggedized.  Barcode and RFID scanners need to be built to withstand harsh industrial environments and heavy use. If they are not, not only is the device out of commission, but so is the employee who was supposed to be using it.

According to an analysis from VDC Research, failure rates for non-rugged tablets in line-of-business applications exceed 15% for tablets and 20% for smartphones; for rugged devices, those figures are less than 5% for tablets, and less than 10% for smartphones. TCO for non-rugged devices was nearly twice that of their rugged counterparts. There are also “soft” returns for using rugged devices. Your operation will experience fewer delays and failures, employees will be less frustrated, and productivity will increase.

Our latest e-Book explains why an iPhone or iPad is not made for a warehouse environment. Click below to read for yourself.  You can also learn about rugged label printers that are built to withstand the same rough conditions.  Some rugged mobile computers can even be worn by the worker or mounted on vehicles like forklifts.  Of course, if you have any questions about your warehouse needs, contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.

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