Dec 17, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

mc55noThe Motorola MC55N0 mobile computer for workers in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and government agencies can complete more tasks more accurately in less time, improving productivity and customer care. With the right level of ruggedness, right level of features and the right support for the demands of the most demanding business applications indoors and outside the MC55N0 is easy to carry and easy to use with a sleek design that is right at home in front of your customers. Featuring the perfect blend of form and function which allows workers to scan bar codes, capture photos, view videos and access business critical applications all in a compact and lightweight mobile computer.

Easy to use and sporting a sleek design, the MC55N0 is right at home in front of your customers. Delivering outstanding performance both indoors and out even with exposure to cold, heat, water and dust and withstands over 1,000 tumbles in a rotating tumble drum. Plus all models can be sanitized with common cleaners without harming sensitive electronics or its stylish exterior preventing spread of bacteria when devices are shared.

Packed with the latest in technology with a fast processor, 802.11n radio substantially increasing bandwidth, Motorola SE960 1D laser scan engine which is best in class at scanning 1D bar codes, including wide angle and near contact codes. Plus with two versions of the SE4500 2D imager for laser-like performance and omnidirectional scanning of both 1D and 2D codes the SE45000-SR is optimized for medium to high density bar codes and the SE4500-DL is optimized for medium to high density bar codes even bar codes on driver?s licenses and other identification documents making it ideal for border crossings, electronics industry and healthcare applications.

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