Jan 16, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers

tc55 route accounting Image1
Motorola Solutions (now owned by Zebra Technologies) has produced some amazing technologies to help enterprises over the past few years, helping companies across a number of business segments. One of the standout ways the TC55 Touch Computer has helped RACO’s customers, specifically nurseries and growers, is through applying this technology to route accounting.

A route accounting system is an ERP or business software system and captures, records and budgets sales transactions for distributors with mobile warehouses (often trucks) operating as van sales, direct store distributors, pre-sell and delivery confirmation. In other words, this system can help everyone from growers who sell directly to nurseries to those who deliver flowers to customers.

A full route accounting system is a mobile application system that functions under the indirect or direct control of a central accounting system. In short, it’s a mobile POS (point-of-sale) system that include a number of specialized functions, including mobile printing, data collection, route optimization, management reporting and mobile inventory control and management.

The TC55 is built on Android Open Source (AOSP), the device’s Standard Configuration is fitted with Google Mobile Services (GMS) a suite of Google apps that come standard on most smartphones and are useful for workers who are already familiar with apps such as Gmail and Google Maps. The Professional Configuration of this device, on the other hand, does not come fitted with this suite of apps and is fit for businesses who need greater privacy and protection of personal information.

The Motorola TC55 also come with a large (4.3 inch) high-res display that’s based on the latest LCD technology, while also using substantially less energy for power. The device also has a capacitive touch panel that allows it to be used by those with or without gloves. Other pluses include: Service from the Stats normal wear and tear repair, available Extensions by (Mx) Motorola Solutions (Zebra Technologies), an integrated 1D scanner and optional 1D/2D Bluetooth scanner, Near Field Communications (NFC), an 8 MP camera and innovative dual front-facing speakers and dual microphones.

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