Feb 08, 2017 / Written by Woody Myers
Roll-Off Container Management solution

RACO Container Management lets you keep track of your roll-off containers on an up-to-date platform that allows you to throw out your spiral notebook, ditch your whiteboards, and leave your Excel sheets in the dust. Pinpoint your roll-off boxes, dumpsters, and other assets to a specific location on a digital map displayed on your PC or mobile device.

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RACO Container Management Tracks Containers To Specific Location & Time

With the RACO Container Management solution, your driver simply scans a barcode label or RFID tag adhered to the container. This action is not only easy to do, it also collects the information from the barcode or tag and displays it on a map to help you manage your fleet of containers. Information captured and displayed includes: the current date, the time of the scan, and the present GPS coordinates. All of this data can be batch uploaded at the end of the day by each driver or communicated in real-time with a wireless enabled device and service plan.

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RACO Container Management Features
  • Google Map Integration
  • All Your Containers On One Map
  • Groupings
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Mobile Management

The RACO Container Management can be complimented with our GPS Tracking solution for the vehicles and assets utilizing the same GPS Tracking platform.

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Combining RFID and GPS

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) makes this solution quick and easy for your workers. They don’t even have to leave the truck to read the container. Here’s how it works: rugged, weather resistant RFID tags are affixed to the container. When the driver drops off the container, they simply read the container’s tag with a GPS-enabled handheld RFID scanner.

“Last Known Address” is no longer an acceptable status update for your containers, your drivers, or your customers. Instead, we take it to the next level by pinpointing the container’s last recorded location with GPS accuracy. More information can be added as well, including notes about the container’s exact on-site location, container type, contents, and other relevant end-user information.

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