Jan 15, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

There’s a basic understanding in retail that a customer won’t buy what they can’t see.  Nowhere is that more clear than in the world of shoe sales.  If a customer doesn’t see a style they like, they can’t check to see if the store has it in their size, and there is no sale.  Lord &Taylor incorporated RFID into their process to make sure they were instantly aware

A scan of the display floor, which could have taken a full workday to accomplish before RFID, could now be done by one or two people in about 60 minutes. Daily, rather than weekly, inventory counts of the display samples became not only possible, but eminently practical.

Not only do the employees rave about the amount of time it saves them, but also how the accuracy and timeliness of the information can result in getting the right product in the customer’s hands that much faster and makes it easier to convert into a sale.  See for yourself:

For more information about employing RFID to improve your inventory management, contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.