Dec 02, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers

RACO Barcode’s Yard Management System (YMS) is designed to deliver instant return-on-investment and provides state of the art efficiency, asset visibility, compliance, and control for your trucking yard operations. Through real-time tracking and reporting by mobile scanners and a web based application, your security, drivers, and yard management staff can locate and track critical information about each vehicle that enters one of your facilities.


Do you need a better handle on every vehicle that comes onto your site and the condition of contents it brings? RACO Barcode YMS is a web-based mobile application designed to provide control, compliance, asset visibility, and efficiency for your trucking yard through real-time tracking and reporting on vehicle locations and contents. Utilizing real-time wireless mobile computers and wireless mobile printers we are able to capture information and movements as they occur and where they occur.

RACO Barcode YMS accomplishes this by automatically logging activities in a machine readable database that permits information to be easily retrieved and analyzed without a lot of back-office support. YMS also allows companies to detect and respond to exceptions in their established business rules by communicating arrival and exit notices, detention alerts, inventory status, location status, fuel check alerts, and more.


Everyone on the Yard Director network has access to what is on the yard through their web browser. No need for phone calls, faxes, and e-mails, as users have the information they need to retrieve all status changes and moves for any trailer, see all activity from when the trailer entered inventory to when it leaves, and save hours of research while reducing inter-departmental queries and providing your customers with instant answers.

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