Apr 24, 2013 / Written by Woody Myers

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction SiteYou don’t have to spend a lot of time going through the children’s literature section to find picture books about construction.  There are LOTS of them.  In most of these stories, the hardworking crew of men & women (and sometimes animals in hard hats) leave the vehicles and equipment on site and go home after a long day on the job. The book implies that the machines rest undisturbed throughout the night until the crew comes back the next morning.  But in the real world, the equipment may be getting some use after the workday is done.

Sometimes the engines get started up again and unapproved use of the equipment or assets occurs after the final shift. There are even times where they are taken off the site altogether.  Unless a project manager wants to babysit the equipment all night, there was no way to make sure.  But with the RACO GPS Fleet Tracking solution, you can be the first to know of unauthorized use.

You can set up a geofence around the worksite and be alerted the moment an asset or vehicle leaves the premises.  Even if nothing leaves, you can still find out if something was operated during non-approved times.  We have a number of options available to make sure that there’s no child’s play going on after bedtime.

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