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Do You Know WhereYour Carts Are?

Losing just one of your thousands of carts and racks from your nursery or greenhouse may not seem like a lot… But it’s never just one, is it?

Due to damages and theft, many nurseries and greenhouses lose hundreds of plant carts and product racks per year. With the cost of each cart in the range of hundreds of dollars, this can quickly snowball into tens of thousands in annual losses. Not only that, but too many missing carts can mean not having enough available to fill big orders, resulting in missed business opportunities and massive loss of revenue. The more that go missing, the bigger headache these missing carts become.

RACO GPS Cart Tracking uses RFID and GPS technology to identify where your carts are located (even while in-transit) and how long they have been there, allowing you to effortlessly view and manage your cart inventory, improve logistical efficiency, raise delivery accuracy, and ultimately save you money.

Video: See RACO GPS Cart Tracking in action!


RACO offers implementation support, so you’ll always have the help that you need.

Ensure that you will have all the carts you need on-hand to take full advantage of every business opportunity.

Eliminate human error and raise the accuracy of your plant deliveries, giving your nursery or greenhouse better ratings and heightened customer satisfaction.

Use either with your own inventory system or our in-house Location-Based Inventory Tracking platform — developed specifically for large-scale inventory and asset tracking.

RACO Cart Tracking will save you so much money that you can expect ROI in under 12 months.


Don’t play hide and seek with your missing carts. Schedule a FREE demo today!