Sep 19, 2012 / Written by Woody Myers

If you had any plans to create the largest marketing portal on Earth, you may be out of luck.  A Canadian cornfield now hosts the largest QR code in the world.

Veterans of the corn maze industry, the Kraays contacted their  maze designer, who helped make their dream a reality. Working together, they constructed the 15 acre maze, 7 acres of which are taken up by the QR code.

Creating a fully functional QR code out of corn is no mean feat and the process did run into a few snags along the way. ?The first time it didn?t and work and we figured out that it was because the paths weren?t dark enough compared to the corn.? Rachel Kray said.  They went back, she said, to darken the paths in order to make the code functional.

The final numbers: 309,570 square feet!  So, what does this mean for you?  If you really want this record, the good news is that this code can’t last forever.  The cornfield will either be harvested or wither or die this winter.  So, if you really wanted this title, I guess you could try to fill that void.  But if it weren’t for the publicity surrounding the record, how effective would this effort have been?  How many of their potential customers would have been in a position to capture the QR code that would require a person to have a smartphone thousands of feet in the air?

Don’t worry if you don’t have half a dozen acres for your marketing purposes.  When it comes to QR codes for your business, focus on getting them where your audience can see, scan, and act on the codes.  Don’t worry about creating a big splash or making headlines.  Concentrate on creating a realistic return on investment you would like to see in your campaign and get your code in the best location to match that goal.

You can create a free QR code via our Barcode Generator and see what you can do with the power of the QR Code.