Before your equipment is sent to you, we make sure that it is in working order and can perform its required duties from the moment you remove it from the box.

The first step is a process called ?provisioning,? which involves preparing your devices with new software and services that are not normally installed by the manufacturer. This includes ensuring that the device has the right operating system, custom device settings, installation and configuration of new software, and registration on the network of your preferred mobile data carrier if needed. We will then ensure that the device functions properly, charge the battery, and provide quality assurance documentation. This process ensures that the device will be fully capable of all of things you need it to do as soon as you receive it.

Once your devices are properly provisioned, we can prepare them for shipment through our ?kitting? and ?staging? processes. ?Kitting? involves bundling multiple associated products into a single shipment, including any special cables or accessories needed to carry out its intended application. Special packaging, labeling, and freight considerations are often included in the process to provide a reliable and cost-effective shipment. Then, through the ?staging? process, we can divide up multiple product purchases and send what you need to exactly where you need it, and when. This step effectively saves you the trouble of distributing your new equipment to multiple locations at different times.