Zebra offers over 30 years of printing and data collection technology experience, featuring an extensive portfolio of products including barcode and mobile printers, scanners, wireless networking products, RFID technologies, and even supplies such as labels and ribbons. They also provide real-time location services and solutions for the retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and logistics industries, allowing your company to achieve even greater business value.



Zebra Mobile Computers

Zebra’s mobile computers using voice or data input allows your mobile workforce to meet customer’s demands while capturing data in real time. Our product line covers the gamut with handheld, vehicle mounted and wearable computers in addition to handheld RFID readers.


Handheld Computers

Redefine reliability and your workers productivity using Zebra handheld computers which improves customer service, increases efficiency and productivity whether inside the walls or out in the field. Our handheld computers includes touch computers, personal shopping devices, mobile computers even RFID readers allowing you to empower your workforce to work smarter and faster and your customers to check pricing and more.


Vehicle Mounted Computers

For the most challenging environments like warehouses our vehicle-mounted computers delivers. Covering the gamut from full sized to rugged and compact computers built to withstand dirty environments, uneven temperatures and even freezers.


Wearable Computers

With the latest in data capture and voice technologies while keeping your work force hand free for the task ahead, our wearable computers offer more mobility and more productivity along with advanced scanning capabilities. Our wearable computer series covers such products as ring scanners, wearable computers and even headsets for voice commands providing the ultimate level of productivity and freedom.


Handheld RFID Readers

RFID readers that can manage, track and identify to optimize your assets all in a handheld form factor our products includes RFID sleds to fully functioning state-of-the-art UHF RFID readers. From retail and enterprise devices to industrial devices for rugged warehouse management including location, tracking and managing stock in rugged conditions our products deliver.

Zebra Printers

Zebra’s barcode and RFID printers allow you to print, tag, track and locate using the latest in direct thermal and thermal transfer technologies to produce labels and receipts on-demand in an array of environments from office to warehouse. Our extensive product link includes desktop, industrial, mobile, kiosk, RFID and even print engines allowing for a wide range of technologies to cover your printing needs.


Desktop Printers

Zebra desktop printers are reliable, easy to operate and come in form factors such as compact, advanced, value, performance and even easy to load ribbon cartridge types. These printers make printing product, asset, lab, specimen, agency, inventory and even healthcare labels a snap.


Industrial Printers

Helping you do more and to keep up the pace of demanding environments our Zebra industrial printers allow you to print labels in real time and even leverage the IoT or Internet of Things. A perfect fit for low or high industrial printing from logistics to healthcare in a rugged form factor.


Mobile Printers

Zebra mobile printers are excellent for price labeling, retail, healthcare and warehouse asset management with a drop-resistant and lightweight hardware design providing exceptional durability and reliability. Allowing you to print receipts and even ticket on some models and with a variety of wireless options making them perfect for receiving, picking, ticketing, checkout, field service and more.


RFID Printers

Delivering innovative encoding solutions, Zebra RFID printers with UHF and RFID encoding technologies carries printers for on demand metal asset tracking, high volume encoding and label or tag printing, compact footprint printers plus full-fledged print engines. These feature rich printers can be used in hospitality, healthcare, retail, transportation and even the rigors of warehouse management and manufacturing.


Kiosk Printers

Zebra kiosk printers includes self-service kiosks excellent for receipt, ticket and coupon printing empowering your customers. Kiosk receipt printers are designed for frequent use and minimize upkeep and fit almost anywhere.


Print Engines

Built for the taxing heavy duty industrial environment, Zebra print engines does high volume barcode printing and can be customized for your unique barcode labeling needs. Designed for ease of maintenance, easy integration and operation.

Zebra Barcode Scanners

Capturing data as accurately and as prompt as possible for point of sale, warehouses, on manufacturing lines and even at a patient’s bedside, Zebra scanners provide your workforce with the right scanning and data collection product for your specific application and environment. Zebra products carry a wide range of scanning capabilities like handheld, in-counter multiplane, fixed mount, hands-free and on-counter scanners in a variety of formats like ultra-rugged, companion and even antimicrobial devices.


General Purpose Handheld Scanners

Zebra general purpose scanners are capable of capturing images and 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes including direct part marks (DPM) on various surfaces. Available in handheld, on-counter, hands-free and even in-counter versions making your scanning arsenal a versatile tool.


General Purpose Hands-Free and On-Counter Scanners

Our line of Zebra hands-free and on-counter scanners comes ready to fit even small spaces and are perfect for parsing driver’s licenses for age verification and data collection plus scanning direct part marks, tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards and even mobile barcodes. Device feature sets includes deactivation of EAS tags, coordination with other scanning devices, picklist mode, signature scanning and automatic population of credit applications.


General Purpose In-Counter Scanners

Zebra’s multi-plan bioptic imagers features a modular design that captures 1D and 2D barcodes quickly and even in less than stellar environments plus allows customers to scan barcodes on mobile devices, loyalty card along with expandability for additional requirements. Our in-counter omni-directional scanners can provide quick checkouts and features a small footprint saving counter space.


Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Zebra’s line of ultra-rugged scanners features the latest in scanning technologies such as 1D, 2D, photos, signatures, OCR data and documents providing the data needed for proof of delivery, loading docks, medical equipment manufacturing, telecom and UID (lifetime identification). Making these versatile products an great fit for manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, defense and warehouse management.


Rugged Scanners

A tough scanning exterior plus forward thinking data capture technologies makes the Zebra rugged scanners a perfect fit for industrial environments, indoor/outdoor, warehouse retail stores, WIP tracking and raw material inventory.


Multi-Plane Scanners

Containing a multi-plane bioptic imager, Zebra multi-plane scanners can scan 1D or 2D codes on a multitude of difficult to scan surfaces such as plastic loyalty cards, mishandled paper labels and even mobile phones and devices. Perfect for point of sale or POS environments they can scan a code at virtually any angle possible and make quick work of high volume retail traffic.


Fixed Mount Scanners

Perfect for high volume hands free scanning and featuring a tiny footprint these Zebra fixed mount scanners with fuzzy logic can even scan hard to read barcodes. A great fit for retail, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, OEM and healthcare. Use them for kiosks, ATMs, gaming, medical instruments and even turnstiles. Basically anywhere that needs a small footprint, blazing fast and accurate scanning.


Healthcare Scanners

Zebra healthcare scanners provide the latest in data capture to preventing errors and are disinfectant ready for patient protection. Some are small enough for your pocket or to be used with a lanyard. Featuring 1D and 2D barcode or data scanning in almost any environment and can easily pair with other equipment so it can be used in conjunction with WOWs or workstations-on-wheels, tablets and more providing a well-rounded patient solution.


Companion Scanners

When the cost or size of a scanning device is a factor, the Zebra companion scanners are the solution. Featuring 1D scanning and ultimate portability plus the capability of adding barcode scanning to other devices such as smartphones, tablets and even laptops. Great for transportation and retail environments allowing users to do mobile point of sale, batch scanning, inventory, proof of delivery, route accounting and even merchandising.

Zebra Wireless Networking

Zebra wireless networks provide smart mobility with optimal performance providing your consumers and workers the latest in location-based technologies along with the latest in hardware to provide timely information about people, transactions and assets.


Wireless Network/Wireless LAN

Providing optimal performance and smart mobility Zebra wireless LAN network products covers networks from retail, hospital/educational facilities, small business to enterprise locations. With Zebra’s extensive product line of access points, controllers and switches, accessories and LAN security features we can provide you all the technology you need to provide your employees and customers the information they need in a secure environment.

Zebra RFID

Zebra RFID printers, readers and antennas provide a complete solution from retail, warehouse to dock to identify, track and manage your assets. Our product line cover the gamut with handheld and fixed readers for retail to durable RFID printers capable of withstanding the rigors of a warehouse dock.


RFID Printers

Delivering innovative encoding solutions, Zebra RFID printers with UHF and RFID encoding technologies carries printers for on demand metal asset tracking, high volume encoding and label or tag printing, compact footprint printers plus full-fledged print engines. These feature rich printers can be used in hospitality, healthcare, retail, transportation and even the rigors of warehouse management and manufacturing.


Handheld RFID Readers

Perfect for indoor customer facing to loading docks in a warehouse, Zebra handheld RFID readers provide flexibility and high performance of scanning 1D/2D barcodes with RFID sleds, mobile computers and handheld scanners. Perfect for inventory and asset management in retail environments, managing stock levels in a warehouse and even field services like direct store delivery.


Fixed RFID Readers

Zebra fixed RFID readers come in compact formats featuring high performance and durability for high-volume pallets and containers, liquid content and challenging materials with high metal to can be used in large open areas, business-class environments and even retail or transportation.


RFID Reader Antennas

Zebra RFID antennas provide high performance and are globally compatible and fit virtually any need by providing the capacity and range you need to track products quickly and accurately even in high traffic areas. Can be used in doorways, ceilings, walls, road zones and in challenging environments. Perfect for warehouse management, manufacturing, field mobility, transportation and even retail environments.

Zebra Interactive Kiosks

Zebra interactive kiosks can empower your customers by allowing self-service such as product browsing, printing coupons, product lookup, price and inventory checking and more.

Zebra Interactive Kiosks

Zebra micro kiosks and all-in-one multimedia kiosks can do price and inventory checks, videos, in-store and web-based orders, time clock, patient check-in, e-tickets and more. The perfect fit for retail, hospitality, transportation and healthcare venues.

Zebra Supplies

Zebra supplies are of high quality and are pre-tested for the ultimate reliability including our labels/tags, receipt paper, wristbands, ribbons and customer supplies.



Zebra labels are high quality plus pre-tested and meets almost any budget and application. With over 100 synthetic and paper labels materials to choose from even UL/cUL and CSA materials. Label types includes paper, synthetic, ultimate synthetic, polyo synthetic and even color paper labels. Choose standard white or numerous colors in direct thermal or thermal transfer and even scratch and chemical resistance as well as different adhesives and finishes.


Zebra tags comes in both paper and synthetic materials with some in stock and ready to ship along with UL/cUL and CSA materials. Tags come in both paper and synthetic materials with different adhesives and finishes in bright white and various colors in direct thermal or thermal transfer with unparalleled smear and scratch resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.


Receipt Paper

Choose Zebra receipt paper for crisp and durable print and images in a variety of materials like paper and synthetic in various thicknesses and coated/uncoated some are resistant to chemicals, moisture and heat for up to 25 years! Zebra can also personalize your receipt paper on front or front/back with your company logo, terms, instructions, coupons and more.


Laser, Thermal, and RFID Wristbands

Zebra laser printable, thermal printable and RFID wristbands are the perfect solution for healthcare and hospitality applications. With a wide range of solutions like durable laser, thermal printable, barcoded and direct print you can ensure your patients and customers are safe and secure and preventing fraud.



Zebra ribbons are pre-tested to ensure quality printing and durable results and are available in wax for standard printing on paper, wax/resin for paper and synthetic substrate for excellent resistant to chemicals and resin formulas for ultimate durability on synthetic substrate against heat and chemicals.


Custom Supplies

Zebra custom labels, tags, receipts and wrist bands to provides a solution for your unique application with their extensive custom capabilities which includes: custom sizes and shapes, preprinted text, graphics and logos, flood-coated color, up to 12 water-based colors and 8 UV colors, PMS color matching, security inks, perforations, face slits and back slits, front and back printing, rolls or fan fold, adhesive deadening and spot coating, laminating and pre-printing of UL marks.

Take a look at our Product Services to learn more about Custom Label Printing.

Zebra Accessories

Genuine Zebra accessories for your barcode scanners, mobile and hand held computers, barcode printers and even your RFID devices.

Mobile Computer Accessories

Zebra computer accessories includes protective covers, holsters, power supplies, snap-ons and more enhancing and protecting your mobile computer investment.

Printer & Print Engine Accessories

Zebra printer and Zebra print engine accessories includes shoulder straps and cases for mobile printers, cradles and kits for desktop printers as well as cleaning kits, mounts, storage cases, adapters and more to enhance and lengthen user ownership.

Barcode Scanner Accessories

Zebra barcode scanner accessories includes protective cases, stands, cradles, holsters, cables, connectors, brackets, chargers, bezels and more to enhance your user experience and provide protection for your device.

Wireless Networking Accessories

Zebra wireless networking accessories includes LAN controllers, power supplies, connectors, cables, antennas, adapters, mounting kits and more to maintain your essential WLAN network to keep being productive.

RFID Accessories

Zebra RFID accessories works effortlessly with your RFID readers, antennas, printers and other RFID hardware and includes brackets, mounting hardware, connectors and cables and more.

Zebra Parts (Spares and Replacements)

Genuine Zebra replacement or spare parts for your barcode printers and even your RFID devices.

Printer & Print Engine Replacement and Spare Parts

Zebra printer and Zebra print engine replacement and spare parts such as maintenance kits, guards, sensors, ribbon supply assemblies, catch trays, cutters, memory cards, power cords, adaptors, guides and more to keep you up and running.

Replacement Thermal Print Heads (Printheads)

Zebra replacement thermal print heads or printheads are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are tested to meet rigged requirements providing you longevity and high quality printing.

Zebra Software

Mobile Computer Software

Zebra mobile computer software with mobility extensions and application utilities for managing, securing and enhancing network performance for the total mobile device solution.

Printer & Print Engine Software

Zebra printer and print engine management enterprise software to centrally deploy, manage and monitor your Zebra printers from a single PC anywhere on a global network. Zebra also has label design and printing software to allow you to create your own barcode labels and tags as well as RFID labels and tags.

Wireless Networking Software for WLAN

Zebra wireless networking software for network design, device management and security is a powerful suite of applications allowing for monitoring and analysis to help you deploy, plan and protect your network.

Zebra Mobile Computer, Printers, Scanners & RFID Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for Zebra mobile computers, printers, scanners, data collection devices and even RFID products. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management and even wireless network implementation plus customer training for your Zebra products.

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