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TSC has established itself to be one of the major manufacturers of barcode printers in the global market under the moniker of TSC Auto ID Technology. TSC printers are simple to operate rugged barcode label printers featuring steel body structure workhorses, high throughput and with speeds over 12 inches per second (IPS). Boasting a small footprint but tough enough for shipping & receiving, ticketing, work-in-process labeling, patient identification and even compliance labeling.

These printers are a perfect solution with a wide range of form factors such as portable barcode printers for shelf labeling and item marking, small footprint desktop printers for labels, tags and receipts and even wide format label printers for compliance labeling, brand marketing and warning signs even drum labeling in full color. Touting such features as: simple to load and operate, 2 ips to 12 ips printing speeds, memory expansion up to 32 BM, scalable TrueType fonts and from 203 dpi to 600 dpi print resolution. So for a budget-friendly high performance down to entry level printer TSC has it covered.


TSC Printers

TSC printer line features desktop, industrial and portable printers capable of printing direct thermal or thermal transfer labels. These printers allow you to print labels with or without barcodes, providing quality printing for the top industry verticals including healthcare, transportation, retail, manufacturing, logistics and more.

tsc desktop printers

Desktop Printers

TSC desktop printers come in direct thermal, thermal transfer or direct/thermal transfer and in various print widths for a variety of barcode label applications.

tsc industrial printers

Industrial Printers

TSC industrial printer lines with die cast aluminum print mechanisms and all-metal construction for the rigors of shop floor but still works well for office and home applications.

tsc mobile printers

Mobile Printers

TSC mobile printers provides a mobile printing solution in a small lightweight form factor and features dust and water resistance and can take a fall and still keep printing.

Printer Supplies

RACO carries supplies such as labels, tags and thermal transfer ribbons (TTR) for your direct thermal and thermal transfer desktop, industrial and mobile printers.

Take a look at our selection of printer labels, tags, and ribbons.

Printer Accessories

RACO carries accessories such as label rewinders and undwinders and cleaning kits.

Keep your printer running strong with our printer accessories.

Printer Spare & Replacement Parts

RACO carries parts such as replacement keyboards, cases and install kits.

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Printer Software

RACO carries label design and printing software for desktop, industrial and mobile printers.

Design, print, and store your own label formats with top of the line software.

TSC Printing Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for TSC desktop, industrial and mobile printers. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management and even wireless network implementation plus customer training for your TSC products. Contact us today for more information.

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Let RACO guide you to the right label printing solution for your unique business needs.


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