Symbol Technology Now Zebra Brand Scanning Products

Symbol Technologies (formerly Motorola, now Zebra) products include barcode scanners, mobile computers, RFID readers, and wireless access points for use in retail, warehouse, manufacturing, and even healthcare environments. Zebra provides over 30 years of experience in the printing and data collection arena and can provide expertise for your business needs.


Barcode Scanners

Symbol scanners include handheld scanners and presentation scanners for 1D or 2D codes. There are also omni-directional scanners for barcodes and direct part marking (DPM) technologies for retail, healthcare, and enterprise applications.

zebra symbol handheld scanners

Handheld Scanners

These handheld scanners provide accurate scanning of 1D or 2D barcodes. plus additional codes used for Item Unique Identification (IUD) and Direct Part Marking (DPM) for surgical instruments and retail price scanning. QR code-reading capability allows an even wider range of data collection applications.

zebra symbol presentation scanners

Presentation Scanners

Symbol presentation scanners come in an on-counter format, keeping your employees hands-free for scanning larger items. They can be held for other items with fast parsing of data to keep lines moving and customers satisfied.

zebra symbol omni directional scanner

Omni-Directional Scanners

Symbol omni-directional scanners come in both handheld and on-counter formats. They are excellent for paper barcodes or mobile barcodes displayed on a screen, allowing you to scan 1D and 2D codes for pricing labels, mobile coupons, loyalty cards, boarding passes, theater tickets, and more.

zebra symbol healthcare scanners

Healthcare Scanners

Healthcare scanners feature anti-microbial disinfectant housing and vibration feedback for quiet scanning. They provide improved data collection and increased productivity for a patient focused approach for patient rooms, admitting, pharmacy, and laboratories.

Mobile Computers

Symbol mobile computers and handheld terminals are rugged and provide accurate and speedy data collection for demanding scanning projects both inside and outside the four walls of your organization.

zebra symbol mobile computers

Mobile Computers (Handheld Computers)

These mobile computers and rugged computers come in standard or extreme duty formats, providing the data collection flexibility that your organization needs for either indoor or outdoor environments.


Symbol RFID products include handheld readers, RFID reader antennas, and fixed RFID readers. They provide a wide range of data collection and transfer possibilities for your organization.

zebra symbol handheld rfid reader

Handheld RFID Readers

Symbol handheld RFID readers come in various sizes and form factors to provide reliable connectivity and security. They maximize processing power in an easy-to-use design that addresses your business’s data collection and data transfer needs.

zebra symbol rfid reader antennas

RFID Reader Antennas

These RFID reader antennas are designed with a compact form factor and are ideal for business areas and customer-facing environments. They can be placed in discreet areas like under counters indoors, but also withstand rain and snow when used in an outdoor environment. All while providing fast, secure, and accurate data transfer.

zebra symbol fixed rfid reader

Fixed RFID Readers

Symbol’s fixed RFID readers are easily deployed in offices and back-end environments, delivering fast data transfer for your business-class applications.

Symbol Data Collection Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for Symbol scanning & data collection products. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management and even wireless network implementation plus customer training for your Symbol products. Contact us today for more information.

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RACO also carries supplies, accessories, parts, and software for Symbol products.

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