Janam Mobile Computing Scanning Barcodes Data Collection

Janam provides mobile computers for barcode scanning for data collection with key features designed for using wireless technologies inside and outside the four walls. They come in Android™, Microsoft Windows® and even Palm OS platforms. These mobile computers are used in demanding environments are being used daily to reduce costs and increase your employee’s productivity increasing your bottom line.  Janam’s product line runs from smaller less expensive mobile computers to gun-shaped ruggedized mobile computers that can even have a handle featuring mission critical key features that enterprise use would require such as long range scanning, exceptional battery life and reliable capturing of damaged or underneath shrink wrap barcodes even scanning RFID tags and reading Automatic Equipment Identifications (AEI) tags. These products are excellent for barcode scanning and data collection for mobile workers in warehouses, loading docks, distribution centers, manufacturing, enterprise, retail, hospitality and even defense.

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