Honeywell provides productivity solutions built around data collection hardware including rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners, voice-enabled software and RFID products to serve businesses in the fields of retail, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, field service, automotive, transportation, logistic markets, aerospace, medical and the retail supply chain. Honeywell products have durability that improves proficiencies and enhances customer service capabilities. Honeywell has expanded to include the Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec barcode and label thermal and direct thermal printer lines.


Honeywell Barcode Scanners

Honeywell barcode scanners covers general duty, handheld, healthcare, pocket, in-counter or bioptic, hands-free and industrial scanners for barcode, RFID even scanning mobile devices. Whether you need scanning capabilities for large or a small business, enterprise solutions for a niche market such as healthcare, industrial grade, warehouses or in freezers Honeywell has got you covered.

honeywell-general-duty-scannersGeneral Duty Scanners

Perfect for library, retail, tool crib and the back office Honeywell’s general duty scanners are your solution for the rigors of day-to-day scanning. Loaded with features and easy to setup and use with very little training and are the perfect fit for tracking inventory and assets.

honeywell-handheld-scannersHandheld Scanners

Honeywell handheld scanners can scan even damaged or poor quality barcodes and comes in ruggedized formats for warehouses, high scan intensity for retail and are even tough enough to handle the rigors of distribution centers.

honeywell-wearable-scannersHands-Free Scanners

Scanning a wide range of codes from 1D to 2D and even omnidirectional scanning or presentation modes these Honeywell scanners provides your team ease of use even in demanding environments.

honeywell-healthcare-scannersHealthcare Scanners

Honeywell healthcare scanner line provides every department of the hospital quick and accurate scanning when you need it the most for efficient and safe patient care. With such unique features as hands-free scanning, pocket scanners to be paired with smart phones and devices and scanners for stockroom, patient admissions and even clinical workflows provided your team a complete solution.

honeywell-in-counter-scannersIn-Counter Scanners

Even in noisy and hectic environments, Honeywell in-counter scanners provide the reliability to your employees need along with the fast scanning your customers want all in a form factor that integrates into almost any counter space.

honeywell-industrial-scannersIndustrial Scanners

Honeywell industrial scanners for high-volume barcode scanning in the toughest environments and providing reliability for years to come. Featuring rubberized bodies for falls, water and dust proof encasing and works well with harsh chemicals, inclement environments and even outdoors.

honeywell-pocket-scannersPocket Scanners

Honeywell pocket scanners provide the same scanning capabilities and reliability as their handled counterparts providing healthcare, retail, field service and other workers the ability to do data collection without the bulk. Along with the ability to scan 1D and 2D codes for even the most demanding data collection projects all while just fitting in one hand and allowing freedom while paired by Bluetooth device to store the capture data.

honeywell-wearable-scannersWearable Scanners

Honeywell wearable scanners feature ring scanners which are easy to wear for the ultimate in portability doing data capture whether in the warehouse or on the retail floor keeping your hands free for other tasks.

honeywell-document-scannersDocument Scanners

Honeywell document scanners are capable of reading 1D, PDF and 2D matrix codes and omnidirectional scanning making it a great fit for healthcare, retail, manufacturing and airline document scanning applications such as capturing checks, coupons, signatures and damaged packages.

Honeywell Computer Devices

Honeywell computer devices includes the handheld, vehicle-mounted, computers for hazardous locations, industrial cold storage computers, mobile healthcare and wearable computers. Our handheld and mobile computers work well in a variety of environments from the sterile hospitals to the extreme of warehousing in industrial cold storage areas and even hazardous environments where toxic and flammable chemicals are stored.

honeywell-handheld-computersHandheld Computers

Honeywell handheld computers are the perfect fit for small and enterprise businesses and are more rugged than run of the mill consumer grade PDAs. Combine that with the latest in operating systems, device management software and an integrated rugged design for ease-of-use and easy deployment.

honeywell-hazardous-locations-computersHazardous Location Computers

Can be used in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas providing you a complete range of utility. The Honeywell nonincendive and intrinsically safe mobile computers are built with safety and efficiency in mind.

honeywell-healthcare-computersHealthcare Mobile Computers

Honeywell mobile computers for healthcare can scan and deliver critical data quickly and safely in a disinfectant-ready housing. Capable of scanning barcodes on patient wristbands as well as track specimen collections and help prevent medication errors plus manage your medical supplies.

honeywell-industrial-cold-storage-computersIndustrial Cold-Storage Computers

Honeywell’s industrial mobile computers are the perfect fit for demanding rigors of cold storage areas. Including such features as larger keys for gloved hands, can be handheld or used with a vehicle-mount system, bright screens for low light and heated defroster screens to prevent condensation along with an IP65 rated design that withstands drops to concrete.

honeywell-vehicle-mounted-computersVehicle-Mounted Computers

Designed for rugged and rough applications like shop floor, cross-docking, manufacturing workstations in the warehouse and distribution locations the Honeywell vehicle-mounted computers are the solution. Rugged designs allow for less downtime and cost as well as the latest in technologies and OS saving you time, money and allowing for ease of use for the demanding environments of distribution centers and warehousing.

honeywell-wearable-mobile-computersWearable Computers

Featuring safety components like breakaway parts and are able to be worn left or right-handed, the Honeywell wearable computers allows for high-performance scanning of 1D or 2D barcodes. Built with an armband format for the ultimate in freedom, flexibility and ease-of-use and cleaning.

Honeywell Printers

Honeywell tag, receipt and barcode label printer lines covers a wide range of printing needs from industrial, desktop, mobile label and receipt along with RFID printing. The Honeywell printer line covers enterprise, healthcare, warehouse and distribution applications.

honeywell-industrial-printersIndustrial Printers

From wired to wireless printers and even smart printing, Honeywell provide efficiency and an inexpensive solution to the rigid demands of an industrial environment. Whether you need programmability, error proofing of labels, network connectivity and security and RFID printing with even linerless options Honeywell has an industrial printing solution to fit your label, ticket or tag needs.

honeywell-desktop-printersDesktop Printers

Honeywell desktop printer line features label, tag and ticket printing in a compact quiet and smart printing form factor to cover all applications even low volume light duty ones for your business environment.

honeywell-mobile-label-printersMobile Label Printers

Able to withstand dust, moisture, being dropped and other rigors of the field but still deliver a full day’s work without needing a charge, the Honeywell mobile label printers fit your needs.

honeywell-mobile-receipt-printersMobile Receipt Printers

Enterprise high-speed mobile printing in a small-footprint along with the typical field conditions of dust, moisture and being dropped all the while giving you a full day’s worth of receipts before needing a charge.

honeywell-rfid-printersRFID Printers

Encode and print smart labels quickly and easily with the Honeywell RFID printer line featuring ruggedness for the most demanding of logistic, warehousing and industrial manufacturing environments.

honeywell-printing-softwarePrinting Software

Our extensive line of barcode tag and label printing software allows you to design, store and print label formats with barcodes, graphics and more.

honeywell-media-suppliesPrinter Media Supplies

Honeywell printer media supplies includes thermal and direct thermal labels and tags in white and numerous surface colors, substrates and backings along with thermal receipt paper and also includes ink ribbons in resin, wax and wax resin combination in various colors.

Honeywell RFID

Honeywell RFID product line includes handheld readers, vehicle-mount readers, fixed readers, RFID printers, antennas and RFID labels and tags. Allowing users to read and write to tags making these devices perfect for field service, industrial, distribution, warehousing, retail, field service and other rigorous environments.

honeywell-handheld-rfid-readersHandheld RFID Readers

Honeywell handheld RFID readers gives you the power of mobile networking along with the ability to read and write to an RFID tag resulting in greater return on your investment and empowering your workers to be more productive. An excellent choice for field service workers or any mobile worker even in demanding environments like a shop floor, store or even the receiving dock.

honeywell-fixed-rfid-readersFixed RFID Readers

The Honeywell line of fixed RFID readers are easily configured and are built for the rigors of industrial and warehouse environments whether reading tags on pallets or on packages or cartons traveling high rates of speed on conveyor belts through portals these devices provide fast and accurate scanning for supply chains.

honeywell-vehicle-mounted-rfid-readersVehicle-Mounted RFID Readers

Reading materials while they are being moved rather than moving it to be read saves time and effort making the Honeywell vehicle-mounted RFID readers a smart combination for your trucks and fork lifts in trailer yards, docks and warehouses.

honeywell-rfid-antennasRFID Antennas

Transferring data between tags and readers the Honeywell RFID antennas are specifically designed for fixed mounted applications and mobile such as fork lifts and exceeds industry standards for vibration and shock.

honeywell-rfid-printersRFID Printers

Built to verify and encode RFID tags while printing labels the Honeywell RFID printers provide quick tracking and accurate data collection for logistics, warehouse, manufacturing and industrial applications.

honeywell-rfid-labelsRFID Tags & RFID Labels

Honeywell RFID tags and smart labels featuring UHF RFID can receive data, store it and transmit it. Perfect for supply chain applications in warehouse and industrial environments.

Honeywell Wearable Devices

Honeywell wearable devices includes ring scanners to use in conjunction with mobile computers and pocket scanners that both have 1D and 2D scanning capabilities along with hands free portability allows for more productivity.

honeywell-wearable-mobile-computersWearable Mobile Computers

Honeywell wearable mobile computers uses an armband and ring scanner combination for the ultimate in flexibility, portability and increased productivity. Allowing a user to work and also scan items. Such as stacking product boxes then scanning them.

honeywell-wearable-ring-scannersWearable Ring Scanners

Honeywell ring scanners and other wearable mobile computers offers great productivity while also providing a range of scanning capabilities.

Honeywell Printer Media Supplies

Honeywell printer media supplies includes barcode labels, receipt media, barcode tags, wristbands, RFID labels and thermal ribbons. With a myriad of face stock media and color choices, RFID inlays along with custom options Honeywell supplies are the first choice for your barcode label and tag printing, receipt printing and RFID needs.

honeywell-barcode-labelsBarcode Labels

Honeywell barcode labels comes paper and synthetic along with various substrates, adhesives and colors for both thermal and direct thermal printers. RACO carries in stock numerous types of barcode labels, can do custom ones and even pre-printed labels, contact RACO today for more information.

honeywell-barcode-tagsBarcode Tags

Honeywell tags comes in paper and synthetic whether for thermal or direct thermal printing and can be white or in various colors as well as with perfs, coatings and custom features. Contact RACO today for more information about our Honeywell tags offering.

honeywell-receipt-paperReceipt Media

Honeywell receipt media comes in direct thermal paper and allows for high quality text and images. It also allows for your printhead to last longer. Available in uncoated and top coated and even custom products such as linerless labels. Contact RACO today about your Honeywell receipt paper needs.

honeywell-thermal-ribbonsThermal Transfer Ribbons

Honeywell thermal transfer ribbons work great when paired with Honeywell label and tags and products clear text and images on a wide range of substrate including paper, films and with excellent durability. Contact RACO today about more information about Honeywell thermal transfer ribbons.


Reducing medical errors by positive patient identification is crucial and with Honeywell wristband media for infants to adults they provide ease of use, durability and safety. Resistant to hand sanitizers, soaps and more along with full coverage thermal print coating with Honeywell wristbands you can print the full width of the wristband so no need to wake patients to scan it and are flexible and strong to resistant tampering and have an antimicrobial coating for safety. Contact RACO today for information on how Honeywell wristbands can benefit your patients.

honeywell-rfid-labelsRFID Labels

Honeywell RFID label media with a wide variety of substrate materials allows for direct thermal and thermal transfer printing combined with on demand RFID encoding on the latest in UHF inlay technology. They are suitable for a myriad of applications such as DoD, compliance, asset tracking, inventory management, consumer goods and document and record tracking.

Honeywell Accessories

Honeywell original manufacturer accessories such as batteries, cases, stands, cradles, cables and more for your barcode scanners, mobile computers, printers, RFID hardware and wearable devices have been rigorously tested extending the life of your hardware as well as adding functionality.

honeywell-barcode-scanner-accessoriesBarcode Scanner Accessories

Our Honeywell scanner accessories and parts includes cradles, stands, batteries, cords, cables, covers, holders, adapters, mounts, brackets and even replacement kits and are of high quality from the original manufacturer and provide years of use.

honeywell-mobile-computer-accessoriesMobile Computer Accessories

Honeywell mobile computer and device accessories covers the gamut of batteries, kits, replacement stylus, holsters/holders, handles, adapters, stands, chargers, covers, mounts, headsets and more.

honeywell-printer-accessoriesPrinter Accessories

Honeywell printer accessories features batteries, cables and more including field installation kits.

honeywell-rfid-accessoriesRFID Accessories

Honeywell RFID accessories includes antennas, cables, adapters and more to provide you a complete solution for your wireless networking needs.

Honeywell Parts & Spare Parts

Honeywell parts and spare parts as well as thermal printheads are made from quality materials and are rigorously tested.

honeywell-thermal-printheadsThermal Printheads

Honeywell thermal printheads comes with an extremely hard coating for long abrasive life and are a perfect fit for printing labels, tags, tickets and more.

honeywell-printer-spare-partsPrinter Parts

Honeywell printer spare parts such as cables, plugs, rollers, platen kits, font and memory cards, field installable kits and more to keep you up and running.

Honeywell Software

Honeywell scanning and mobile computer software allows you to manage, control and keep your hardware running.

honeywell-barcode-scanner-softwareBarcode Scanner Software

Honeywell mobile computer software for mobile device management, client/host software, recovery software allows you to configure, control and manage your mobile computers all in one central location or per device.

honeywell-mobile-computer-softwareMobile Computer Software

Honeywell mobile computer software includes drivers, recovery software as well as maintenance, end user and client software for you to track, manage and keep your mobile workforce on track.

honeywell-printing-softwareCompatible Printer & Print Engine Software

RACO carries barcode label and tag printing and design software from leading manufacturers. Contact us today for the printing and design software for your specific need.

Honeywell Barcode Scanner, Mobile Computer, Printers, and RFID Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for Honeywell scanners, mobile computers, printers, data collection devices and even RFID products. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management plus wireless network implementation plus customer training for your Honeywell products.

Contact RACO today to learn more about product and professional services.

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