GoDEX is an international engineering company and manufacturer of affordable, high-performance printers and scanners. Covering such applications as health care, retail, logistic and transportation, government, manufacturing, travel & leisure as well as using specialty materials, we have a product to fit your unique niche or need. Our company partners with resellers to offer the best in customer satisfaction with offices all over the globe.


GoDEX Printers

GoDEX printers covers all your barcode label, receipt and wristband printing needs with compact desktop printers, durable industrial printers for high volume output and mobile printers for even more printing flexibility.


Desktop Printers

For low to mid volume label, receipt or wristband printing applications GoDEX desktop printers feature high reliability in both direct and thermal transfer printing formats along with a wide range of connection options.


Industrial Printers

GoDEX industrial printers come in different printing widths and durable form factors making them the perfect fit for the demanding, high output and less than stellar environments of warehouses and shop floors.


Mobile Printers

GoDEX mobile printers are lightweight but sturdy which provides the ultimate in mobility and flexibility while printing barcode labels and receipts in various printing widths.

GoDEX Barcode Scanners

GoDEX scanners feature ergonomic design and outstanding performance for a wide variety of applications for both 1D or 2D scanning in laser or linear imaging.


Handheld Scanners

Able to read most of the popular 1D and 2D barcodes located on paper labels and even phone screens these scanners offer high performance and optimum functionality for a wide variety of applications.

GoDEX Printer Supplies

Use GoDEX supplies like our economical and high quality ribbons that print really well on numerous surfaces like regular paper and other surfaces that are not kept in extreme conditions.


Thermal Transfer Ribbons

GoDEX thermal transfer ribbons are great for printing on paper labels and come in wax, wax/resin, near edge and a variety of colors and sizes.

GoDEX Accessories

GoDEX accessories includes label rewinders and external media stands that works well with your GoDEX label printers.


Label Rewinders

Able to rewind labels from either side of your printer our GoDEX label rewinders supports both inside and outside winding of several cores sizes of label rolls and be used with all of our GoDEX printers. Also available a coreless version.


Label Stands

GoDEX label stands works with all GoDEX printers and supports a maximum 10” diameter label roll with 1” to 3” inner core diameters allowing you to print from label rolls with ease.

GoDEX Parts & Spare Parts

GoDEX parts and spare parts as well as thermal printheads are rigorously tested to insure quality and reliability from the start.

Print Heads

GoDEX print heads are manufactured to meet quality standards and enhance the life of your GoDEX printer.

Parts & Spare Parts

GoDEX has printer replacement parts built especially for your GoDEX printers including print heads, PCBA mainboards, platen rollers, dispenser modules, guillotine cutters, power adapters, cords, cables, memory and more.

GoDEX Software

GoDEX barcode label printing software comes in various formats to allow you to do network printing, remote print jobs, label design and label printing.



GoDEX has label printing and design software that supports network printing and GoDEX printer detection in an easy-to-use Windows based format.

Contact us today to learn about label printing and design software made specifically for your GoDEX printer.

GoDEX Printers and Barcode Scanner Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for GoDEX printers and scanners. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management plus wireless network implementation plus customer training for your GoDEX products.

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RACO Product Services: Repairs, Service Contracts, and more.

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