Datalogic has a long history of providing quality automatic data capture and industrial automation products such as scanners and data collection for the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries. A total service provider creating a wide range of performance products for data collection like barcode readers and mobile computers along with laser marking systems allowing them to have the widest range of products and solutions in the industry.




Datalogic in counter and on counter scanners and scales are reliable for great performance in retail quick scanning environments.

Multi-Plane Imaging Scanner/Scales

Offering scanner and scale combinations for the rigorous retail checkout environment these Datalogic multi-plan scanner/scales
can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes along with optional features like top down reading and more.

Single Plane Scanners

Datalogic single plan scanners are built with a horizontal or vertical compact form factor for the medium to high volume point of sale
environments such as grocery, drug and retail.

Bi-Optic Scanner/Scales

Datalogic bi-optic scanner and scales with the latest in load cell scale technology for increased throughput along with loss prevention
capabilities to add to your bottom line.


Datalogic scanning products includes on-counter readers, presentation scanners, general duty as well as industrial handheld scanners to provide you
with a wide rand of scanning and data collection capabilities.

On-Counter Readers & Presentation Scanners

Datalogic presentation scanners and on-counter readers covers a wide range of application in healthcare and office for document handling and also POS, retail, drug, convenience, specialty scanning applications.

General Duty Handheld Scanners

General duty handheld scanners by Datalogic covers the gamut with cordless area readers with Bluetooth, rugged scanners for retail to read 1D/2D codes and digital watermarks and even sleek imagers capable of reading images and stacked codes and even postal codes. Along with a healthcare line that has antimicrobial disinfectant enclosures.

Industrial Handheld Scanners

Datalogic rugged industrial handheld scanner series features ruggedness and long lasting durability for accurate scanning in environments like warehouses and shop floors. Some even feature direct part marking scanning, long range scanning great for reading in warehouses along with cordless radio communication of data.


Datalogic mobile computers and self shopping lines covers from pocket versions to full alpha numeric keypad handheld versions including industrial PDAs for a wide range of applications including retail and the rigors of the warehouse.

Mobile Computers

Datalogic mobile computers has a lot of features in a pocket sized device such as full alpha-numeric keypads, pistol-grips, and more in a rugged form factor perfect for warehouses, storage areas and shop floors.

Self Shopping & Store Automation

Datalogic self-shopping and store automation devices employs cutting edge technologies while reducing your operation expenses all in an ergonomic form factor to deliver the best in customer experience.


Datalogic accessories includes everything from cables and adapters to replacement batteries along with cables, power supplies, chargers, cradles/holders and even mounting kits to get you up and running and to help you stay that way.

Cables, Connectors and Adapters

Datalogic has a wide selection of replacement cables, connectors and adapters for your scanners, mobile computers and other products.

Holders, Holsters and Stands

Datalogic carries stands, holders and holsters and more for your scanners, mobile computers and other data collection equipment.

Chargers and Cradles

Need a replacement or additional battery chargers for your scanners, mobile computers and other data collection equipment? Datalogic has a broad selection of chargers and cradles for just about any application.

Batteries & Replacement Battery Packs

Datalogic has the replacement rechargeable batteries and battery packs that you need to keep your data collection equipment like scanners
mobile computers running when it is needed.

Mounting Kits, Hardware, Brackets, Plates & Stands

Need to mount your Datalogic scanner or scanning equipment? We carry a wide selection of mounting kits, hardware, brackets, plates and more.

Power Supplies & Cords

Datalogic carries supplies and cords for you mobile devices and scanners.


Datalogic spare parts have been factory tested and quality insured.

Parts & Spare Parts

Datalogic parts and spare parts are of quality materials and meet rigorous testing qualifications.

Datalogic Scanning & Data Collection Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for Datalogic mobile computers, scanners, scanner/scales and other data collection devices. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management and even wireless network implementation plus customer training for your Datalogic products. Contact us today for more information.

Contact RACO today to learn more about product and professional services.

Let RACO guide you to the right data collection solution for your unique business needs.

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