CognitiveTPG products include barcode printers and transaction printers from thermal to impact technologies for a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Self Service/Kiosk, Automotive, Banking, and Logistics/Manufacturing.  Producing and delivering a quality, reliable and cost effective printing solution. Contact RACO today to learn more about how the CognitiveTPG printers can be a cost-effective solution for barcode thermal label and transaction receipt printing.


CognitiveTPG Printers

CognitiveTPG printers for barcode label printing in both desktop and mobile form factors and point of sale receipt printers are built for the   rigorous workloads and demanding environments of retail, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing venues.

cognitive tpg desktop printers

Desktop Printers

CognitiveTPG thermal label printers in desktop, compact and even pharmacy or wristband types built for ruggedness and durability for your specific application.

cognitive tpg mobile printers

Mobile Printers

CognitiveTPG mobile printers are built rugged for reliable printing on-the-go for printing labels and receipts for field service, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, retail, hospitality and even route accounting applications. Contact us today for more information.

cognitive tpg receipt printers

Receipt Printers (Point of Sale Printers)

CognitiveTPG thermal receipt printers and multifunctional printers for point of sale (POS) and point of service applications for banking, retail and hospitality in high volume markets for printing receipts, coupons, forms and also for check validation.

CognitiveTPG Printer Supplies

CognitiveTPG printer supplies like thermal labels for barcode labels, thermal ribbons, and tag stock for your thermal label and receipt printers.

cognitive tpg thermal labels

Thermal Labels

CognitiveTPG for direct thermal and thermal transfer printing can be coated and uncoated, wound in or out, with various substrates as well as numerous colors along with flood coats.

cognitive tpg thermal transfer ribbon

Thermal Ribbons

CognitiveTPG thermal transfer ribbons in wax, resin and wax/resin combination for printing on labels and tags for you specific application.

cognitive tpg tag stock

Tag Stock

CognitiveTPG tag stock comes numerous thicknesses, weights and colors with holes, notches and bars to make sure your tag is printed exactly like it was designed.

CognitiveTPG Printer Accessories & Parts

CognitiveTPG accessories and parts includes everything from print heads, cables and adapters to replacement batteries along with cables, power supplies, chargers, cradles/holders and even mounting kits to get you up and running and to help you stay that way.

cognitive tpg parts

Printer Accessories, Parts & Thermal Print Heads

CognitiveTPG accessories and spare and replacement parts are built with quality in mind and are built specifically for your CogntiveTPG printer.

CognitiveTPG Barcode, Thermal Label, and POS Printing Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for COGNITIVE TPG thermal printers and point of sale products. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management and even wireless network implementation plus customer training for your COGNITIVETPG  products. Contact us today for more information.

Contact RACO today to learn more about product and professional services.

Contact RACO today to learn more about how the CognitiveTPG printers can be a cost-effective solution for barcode thermal label and transaction receipt printing.

Take a look at our selection of thermal label printers, transaction receipt printers, and fully customizable print & apply solutions.


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