Axicon manufactures barcode verifiers for verification of barcodes to make sure the barcodes are fully compliant with the ISO/IEC standards on both matrix barcodes and liner barcodes. Axicon carries a full range of linear barcode and 2D for barcode validation and verification insuring the quality of your barcode. Barcode validators validate or check for a barcode and make sure it can scan and matched the barcode that you want. Barcode verifiers verify that barcode meets ISO/IEC standards which is a more thorough testing. Not sure which one you need? Contact a RACO product specialist today.


Axicon Verifiers

AXICON barcode verifiers allows you to make sure your barcode meets ISO/IEC standards and is a more thorough testing of your codes versus using barcode validation. Axicon verifiers comes in 2D, linear, high speed and a portable version and work well to test pharmacy, retail, point of sale and point of care codes.

axicon 2d verifiers

2D Verifiers

AXICON 2D verifiers are built to verify both linear 1D or two dimensional 2D barcodes making sure they are ISO/IEC compliant and each symbol can be analyzed at any orientation and even direct part marking or DPM codes.

axicon linear verifiers

Linear Verifiers

AXICON linear verifiers are designed to verify linear barcodes including retail point of sale codes for products like EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A and UPC-E, GS1 Databar and even outer cases like ITF-14 & EAN-13 codes along with logistics labels such as GS1-128 code.

axicon high speed verifiers

High Speed Verifiers

AXICON S Range high speed verifiers do continuous scanning when obtaining the 10 different readings as required by ISO/IEC compliance making them much faster.

axicon portable verifiers

Portable Verifiers

A portable solution to barcode verification, the Axicon portable verifiers are perfect for ISO/IEC compliant verification plus lightweight and portable along with an automatic variable aperture and can also be used to print reports with an optional printer.

Axicon Validators

AXICON barcode validators checks that there is a barcode present, it can be scanned and matches the right code for the right condition or your specific set of parameters. They do not verify a barcode for ISO/IEC standards compliance as in barcode verification which is a different process.

axicon validators

AXICON validators do not replace the more rigorous barcode verifiers, but they do provide useful information so you can be sure you have the right barcode on the right product. Perfect for a production line where every code needs to be scanned. Contact us today for more information.

AXICON Scanning and Data Collection Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for AXICON barcode verifiers and validators. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management and even wireless network implementation plus customer training for your AXICON products. Contact us today for more information.

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