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AML is a manufacturer of numerous barcode scanning and data collection product lines including mobile computers or handhelds, price checkers or kiosks and vehicle-mounted computers.


AML Mobile Computers

Wireless and batch handheld devices provides mobile computing and are enterprise ready for reliable wireless data collection and data communication even within the rugged warehouse environment or quick-paced retail arena.

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Mobile Computers (Handheld Computers)

Handheld mobile computers features rugged yet lightweight form factor for retail, warehouse and other commercial environments that need enterprise-grade batch or wireless data collection using the popular AML software and with your choice of operating systems including Android and Windows.

AML Kiosks & Price Checkers

These price checkers and kiosks come equipped with monitors built for the rugged retail consumer environment and provides another level of user experience.

aml kiosk price checkers

Kiosks & Price Checkers

AML all-in-one terminals or kiosks and price checkers provide the next generation of hands-on customer experience with a rugged, compact form along with integrated barcode scanning capabilities, optional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Along with support for Power over Ethernet (POE), stunning images and video to provide customers instant access to crucial product information and more.

AML Vehicle-Mounted Computers

AML vehicle-mount computing products features a rugged design for rough environments, small form factor, 24/7 reliability along with great screen visibility and optional keyboard for fixed mount, heavy duty data entry locations like warehouses with fork lifts.

aml vehicle mounted computer

Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Rugged vehicle-mounted computers provide the ultimate in reliability for data collection, asset tracking, shipping and receiving, check-in/out, order picking and even work-in-process applications.

AML Mobile Computing Accessories

AML mobile computing accessories includes batteries, chargers, interfaces cables, cords, cases, covers and even mounting kits for your Epson printer.

aml batteries


Replacement batteries or spare battery are guaranteed to perform just like the original.

aml mobile computer chargers

Chargers and Cradles

Battery chargers can charge single or multiple printer batteries at once along with cradles they also can provide communications between devices if available.

aml protective carrying cases

Carrying and Protective Cases & Accessories

Carrying and protective cases plus accessories like neck and hand straps and holsters helps keep your investment protected.

aml cables

Communication Cables and Adapters

Communication cables and adapters provide replacement and additional ones when needed for data transfer or communication between devices.

aml mounting kits

Mounting Kits, Hardware and Brackets

Mounting kits, hardware and brackets for your AML mobile computers.

aml other accessories

Other Accessories

Miscellaneous accessories includes replacement battery doors, brackets and more.

AML Kiosk & Price Checker Accessories

AML kiosk & price checker accessories includes batteries, chargers, interfaces cables, cords, cases, covers and even mounting kits for your Epson printer.

aml field install kits

Field Install Kits

AML field installable kits includes MSR kits and other enhancements for your kiosk or price checker computers.

aml cables

Cables, Connectors and Adapters

AML replacement cables, connectors and adapters includes sync cables, data transfer cables and more.

aml power supply cable

Power Supplies and Cords

AML replacement power supply and cords keeps you up and running when POE or power over Ethernet is not available.

Replacement & Spare Parts

AML spare parts have been factory tested and quality assured.

Contact RACO today to order spare and replacement parts for your AML products.

Warranty Upgrades & Services

AML printer warranty upgrades and extensions are available from one to three years and you can also extend or exchange your maintenance or service agreements.

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Warranty Upgrades and Enhancements

Extend or exchange your current AML warranty from 1 to 3 years with a warranty upgrade of your repair, on-site, depot repair service and other warranties.

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Maintenance Services

Extend or exchange your current AML maintenance service agreements from 1 to 3 years.

AML Printing and Point of Sale Support & Services

RACO’s in-house service team performs product services like extended warranties, repairs, and maintenance for AML mobile computers. RACO can also do professional services such as project assessment, mobile device preparation, project management and even wireless network implementation plus customer training for your AML products. Contact us today for more information.

Contact RACO today to learn more about product and professional services.

Let RACO guide you to the right data collection solution for your unique business needs.

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