With credit cards now being used more than cash then credit card readers called magnetic strip readers or MSRs should be a part of your point of sale system. These magstripe readers are designed to read the information on the magnetic stripe on the badges and credit cards or debit cards. Some can even read gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, IDs and even driver’s licenses. Our MSRs have features which includes up to three tracks (or multi-track) of magnetic stripe card data, compact footprint, numerous interfaces such as keyboard, port powered, USB HID, RS-232, USB CDC serial, JPOS and OPS and are fully programmable. Options include successful card reads with beeper and/or LED indicators, free-standing, fixed mounted and even mobile readers for moving around with language options and programmable to parse the data. Contact us today to make these an integral part of your point of sale system plus we also carry EMV compliant hardware.

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