Aug 16, 2012 / Written by Woody Myers

Once, QR codes were the darling of the technology world.  Now, some talk about this concept with a sneer.  Why the dropoff in perception?  Unfortunately, some companies and individuals have abused the purpose of the tool and there’s concern that QR Codes can become a joke.  Where the QR code sends the scanner is important, but so is the physical location of the code itself.

Forbes staff writer Eric Savitz has some suggestions on Why QR Codes Don’t Work.  He blames the lack of standardization in QR Code reading applications but also the lack of benefit to the person scanning the code.

Again and again we see companies launch full-scale campaigns that include QR codes which lead to desktop sites. Giving the consumer an option to scan a QR code which leads them to a website that is not optimized for the device they use to scan it is like sending someone with a broken arm in to get a full-body physical. People use QR codes to take action directly, so don?t make them jump through hoops, pinching, zooming and navigating through a messy desktop site. Give them what they want: a mobile experience.

The article goes on to suggest offering consumers a benefit for scanning such as providing a discount, special offer or access to some sort of exclusive program.

But what you offer is only part of the QR process.  You also have to allow your customer to actually scan it.  All the time and effort of creating and experience for your audience goes out the window if they can’t get to the code to scan it or if the code itself is obstructed like the one in the picture.

Consider where you will place the QR Code once you create it.  Will people be able to reach it?  Is it clearly labeled so that they have an idea of what to expect once they scan it?  Are you placing the code in an area where cell phone reception is working?

If they can’t see the code, get to it, physically scan it, or have access to cell coverage or wifi, then their mobile experience is over even before it is done.

Want to try it for yourself?  You can create a free QR code via our Barcode Generator and see what you can do with the power of the QR Code.