Jul 09, 2012 / Written by Woody Myers

Farming the land is challenging enough. But when you add the business aspect of managing and paying hundreds of seasonal workers to the mix, it adds another level of difficulty to an already-complicated process. Recently, one agriculture facility in the California Valley contacted us to create a Mobile Data Capture Solution for keeping track of contract pickers. Not only did they want to know who was working and when, but they wanted to know the workers’ results and for that information to be edited before downloading the data to their billing & payroll software.

The manager was equipped with a Honeywell Scanphone that they would use to scan a picker’s waterproof badge when they brought their haul in. They would verify the type of product brought in, enter the weight, and print out a receipt containing Pickers ID, Time & Date, & Weight Picked with the Zebra RW 220 Mobile Printer for the worker. The data is synced with the company’s server at the end of the day and will be reviewed before posting to payroll software.

Not only is this method a great way to keep track of workers and the amount of work they did, but it also helps a company’s Produce Traceability Initiative. If you would like RACO to remotely install a Produce Picking application like the one described here, contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.