Jun 12, 2015 / Written by Woody Myers


Last month, we warned you that Late Technicians Can Cost Businesses Two-Thirds of Their Customers. But we also let you know that GPS Tracking can help fix this problem by making sure technicians get to their job site on time. It turns out GPS Tracking can also help them get their job finished on time, too.

Showing up on-time and getting the job done on-time leads to more jobs during the day. While this might sound like an obvious tenant of any successful service, Katelyn Burrill, product marketing manager for a workforce management solution, explains how, in practice, this can be a challenging prospect, especially for those without a mobility solution:

Without mobility, [business operators] would just be giving the technician a schedule for the day that he’d be going out and doing without any kind of connectivity to the back office.

But if emergency jobs come up throughout the day or priorities change, the schedule needs to be readjusted. If the [technician] doesn’t have a mobile device so he can receive updates as emergent work comes in, then you’re not serving customers in the most effective way.

Luckily, a recently-published report titled “Improve Service Provider Efficiency With GPS-Enabled Dispatch Software” from Software Advice, a place with reviews and information on field service software, had good news for those looking for a way to improve mobile worker efficiency. According to the report, ninety-five percent of service providers say the average number of work orders technicians complete per day improves after adopting GPS-enabled software.

Aside from the obvious benefit of timelier arrivals to the job site, one reason for this overwhelming improvement is because GPS solutions help address  another surefire, yet often regrettably overlooked way for mobile workers to get behind schedule: Not having the equipment they need to complete the job. Dispatching systems with the right elements, like the Mobile Inventory Management solution from RACO Interactive, can not only track vehicles but also document, in real-time in the field, what equipment and parts have been used, by whom, and when.

Joanna Rotter, content marketing manager at a field service management software provider, noted in the report that by delivering this information in real-time, the software enables dispatchers to assign new jobs based on what equipment remains.

You can track what parts are in the technician’s van, which is great for scheduling and really reduces truck roll (how many times technicians need to return to the back office before finishing a job).  If you get to the right job site with the right parts, obviously you have a higher chance for success.

This application is perfect for larger equipment used on construction sites. Managers can view equipment inventory as well as keep tabs on what condition it’s in. With this information, a company can quickly determine whether they need to rent additional equipment and incur more costs to complete jobs.

This way, if someone is missing a vital piece of equipment, the dispatcher can point the worker in the right direction instead of spending all day making phone calls.

For more information on how GPS Tracking and/or Mobile Inventory Management can help your organization with getting your workers to the job on-time, call 1-800-446-1991.

Late Technicians Can Cost Businesses Two-Thirds of Their Customers